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Racial Discrimination in the Criminal Justice System

Theoretical review Research reveals that Africans and Latinos are more harshly treated by the police and are given more cruel sentences in comparison to the white counterparts. In this case, the increase in Latino population, notably in the Southern States, comes with discrimination in the criminal justice system. Hypothesis: Working...

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Gender Discrimination and Pay Equality

Abstract Gender discrimination in the workplace manifests in many ways, but most visibly in a pay gap that is anywhere for 5-30 percent between men and women. Although laws have been introduced to address gender discrimination in the workplace, it still pervades. Utilitarianism ethics proponents a framework within which to...

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Discrimination and Racism in Long-Term Care Facilities

Race-based discrimination has always been a significant problem which still occurs today. Dealing with it in the workplace can be stressful, frustrating, and even highly emotional depending on how it has transpired. Certified nursing assistants (CNAs) are trained to deal with discrimination in a specific way. If CNAs are the...

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Types of Discrimination Evident in Crane’s The Blue Hotel

Discrimination is a specific psychological feature that is almost impossible to avoid. The predisposition to discrimination could be aggravated under the influence of literature that contributes to the formation of particular stereotypes regarding places and people based not only on the place they come from but also their race, age,...

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Purpose and Need for Study (Paternoster, 1984)

The article “Prosecutorial Discretion in Requesting the Death Penalty: A Case of Victim-Based Racial Discrimination” purports to show that the race of a criminal’s victim is a significant factor when prosecutors request the death penalty in a murder case. This was done to determine if there was racial bias in...

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