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Discrimination against Women and African-Americans

Women discrimination in a workplace setting has been evident since time immemorial. Though the practice has reduced significantly as a result of the implementation of the workplace discriminatory laws, the fact remains that women discrimination in a workplace setting is still evident. African American women have made significant progress, in...

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Gender Discrimination

Gender discrimination refers to unbalanced treatment or viewpoints on individuals based on their gender. It arises from variances in social, political or economically structured gender roles. There are various laws that are related to gender discrimination and attempts to protect people from discrimination. Such laws include; Civil Rights Acts of...

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Housing Discrimination

INTRODUCTION Housing prejudice as a form of discrimination. Housing discrimination on basis of ethnic group, social status, sexual characteristics, religious affiliations, the nation of origin, in addition to familial ties. Types of housing prejudice. Significance: Endorsement of The Fair Housing Act in the United States and its effectiveness in mitigating...

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Space Cadet Case Study

For this paper I chose the “Space Cadet” case study. In this particular case the claims of the fired man had no legal grounds under them. He attempted to show, that the act of firing him was a case of discrimination. Meanwhile, the evidence he suggested was only based on...

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Multiracial Discrimination

Racism is complex, particularly as definitions, identifications with and political aspects of race and culture are dynamic and challenging to static interpretation. The labelling of clients and their experiences into neat categories can compound misunderstanding and this is particularly true when working with multiracial groups and individuals. Academic and practical...

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