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Personal Response to A Raisin in the Sun

The family is one of the most important ideas in American life. It is with reference to the family that much political and social places itself and the family is consistently invoked as something which needs to protected, nourished and encouraged as an active bulwark in support of the country...

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Women’s Suffrage Questions and Answers

This paper provides answers to a range of questions based on the historical material delivered by professors Kuhlman, Woodworth-Ney, and Foner. If to analyze both lectures, a few similarities and many more differences can be found between the historical perspectives of the two professors: Prof.Kuhlman and Prof.Woodworth-Ney. First of all,...

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Women’s Suffrage Discussion

Historians have often discussed matters relating to women’s freedoms and civil rights freedoms; agreeing on some and disagreeing in equal measure on others. The two professors, Professor Kuhlman, and Professor Woodworth-Ney discuss various aspects of women’s suffrage ranging from the background factors that made it possible to have the suffrages...

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Significance of Displacement in Flannery O’Connor’s Good Country People

Flannery O’Connor’s characters are often physically deformed in an analogous relationship to their inward deformities. O’Connor felt that a loss of spirituality was an inward deformity (McEntyre 333). In order to get this point across to her readers, she uses freakish characters to illustrate their inner moral shortcomings with their...

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Novel Essay: Kafka’s Metamorphosis

This paper concerns Franz Kafka's novella 'The Metamorphosis' and a specific reading of it given by the feminist critic Nina Straus. The paper will begin by summarising Staus's reading of the text and will then go on to give a critique of it. By doing this paper will show that,...

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“A Wall of Fire” Analysis

More than a central conflict, the complexity within “A wall of fire" is, like most Edwidge Danticat stories, an intermingling of the poverty of a family and its inevitable desires to achieve some form of progress: a desire and longing that are printed in the lives of many Haitian families....

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Medical Ethics Discussion

The case studies clearly show where medical ethics was not adhered to by the medical community. In the one study, a group of African-American men were told that they would receive treatment for syphilis. At the time the study began, they were not given the available treatments, which were not...

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How Culture Affects Parenting and Family: “A Thousand Splendid Suns”

From my experience with my family, I believe that a good family should comprise of both parents who adequately provide for their children and love them unconditionally. In stating providing, I mean both financially and emotionally. Children find themselves being needy of emotional attention in most cases and, therefore, require...

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Extended Summary–Why Violent Video Games Are Good for Girls

"Why Violent Video Games Are Good for Girls," by Carmen Tieu, a student, discussed her reasons based on her personal experiences playing first person shooter games. However, there are good reasons as to why girls need to play these violent video games. It gives girls an opportunity of beating guys...

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Women Suffrage Discussion

Professor Kuhlman and Professor Woodworth-Ney are both educators and historians who have spent a lot of time in their studies researching women’s suffrage. Woodworth-Ney analyzed the role of women in the United States, particularly in the West. Her research has shown that women had a larger more important role in...

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Batman Year One: Movie And Book

In terms of the flashiness with which violence is depicted, graphic novels are generally more similar to movies than novels. Violence is depicted as quick and exciting both in movies and graphic novels, and the amount of gore is decided by the creator rather than being up to the reader’s...

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Children Living In Low Income Neighborhoods

Many children living in low income neighborhoods face critical challenges with respect to their weight, as well as their dietary and exercise habits. It is important to recognize these concerns and to consider expanded interventions in order to accomplish the objectives sought to promote weight loss and improved physical activity....

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Workplace Democracy Discussion

Workplace democracy is an important concept that has emerged around the world, but in spite of its growth across the seas, it remains highly contested. Over the last few decades, media and academic journals alike have been calling to allow employees the opportunity to participate in their workplace in a...

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China’s Population and the Three Great “Topographic Steps”

What is the relationship between China’s population and the three great “topographic steps”? That is where were most people located, and why? Chinas spatial socio-economic structures is determined by it special natural characteristics and structure, which is reflected in its physical geographical differentiation; it is divided into the three great...

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Hmong People Discussion Essay

The Hmong people are very conservative, to start with. They tend to preserve their cultural identity and language, often avoiding extensive integration in the cultures in which they live. There are many restrictions and rules in their community concerning the accepted etiquette and social status. For example, it was traditionally...

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Statistics Discussion Essay

Question 1 Conducting a completely randomized survey of 100 Montgomery County, Tennessee residents. Since simple random sampling assumes that the people to be sampled should be from a given list, the people in the population have to be sampled by a random process. In this case, three methods could be...

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Psychological Egoism Discussion Essay

Psychological egoism is the belief that people are essentially selfish and tend to act in their own interest in all circumstances. The ultimate human goal is to achieve welfare, that is, a state where their desires can be fully satisfied. According to psychological egoism, even when people seem to help...

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International Marketing Discussion Essay

Question One: A divisional organizational structure refers to a business enterprise’s ability to segregate and consolidate large sections of its company into partially autonomous groups that are capable of self-management, little supervision and narrow focus on a particular aspect of a company’s product or service offerings. Divisional structures, like any...

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Can Superheroes Join Our Reality?

The first obstacles that come to mind when confronted with the question of the possibility of superheroes joining our reality are those related to physics. We are required to abide by the physical laws of the universe whereas the typical superhero (which is to say, just about every superhero who...

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Discussion Essay – Your Ultimate Guide

Are you stuck or do not know how to write a discussion essay? You may have issues with finding a topic or getting the right structure for the essay. This guide will highlight these points to make your job easier. Writing a discussion essay can be simple if you follow some rules. You must have a deep understanding of the matter, structure, and the right format. Read on to learn the discussion essay structure, format, and more.

What Is A Discussion Essay?

Discussion essays are common types of assignments that require students to present both sides of one argument. It is also called an argument essay. It outlines all the reasons for as well as against the issue. The essay is concluded by stating your opinion on the matter.

So the most acceptable discussion essay definition is one that offers two arguments. To write this essay, you must first develop a good topic that is explorable. While searching for a topic, be sure to find one that interests you and then narrow it down.

How To Write A Discussion Essay

Writing a discussion essay requires the organization of your thoughts before starting. Clear your mind and then organize your thoughts logically. The next step is to brainstorm for your topic. Before picking one, do some research so you can get a clear understanding of the topic.

After brainstorming, you need to gather the sources, and you should have enough to work with. One source could be considered as an opinion, but more sources make your work look more formal. It also simplifies the bibliography when you write it later on.

Create your outline to contain all the basic ideas you plan to discuss in the body of the essay. When you create one, you can analyze the viability of the topic. Put all your ideas on paper and sort out the best ones for your outline.

You may not need to write the essay immediately. Start with a draft. This draft depicts how you want the paper to look. Be sure to add all the crucial sections, such as the thesis statement. Other things to consider include a captivating introduction, an impressive conclusion, and a detailed body. Be sure to proofread the essay when you are done — writing it as a draft makes it easier to avoid mistakes.

Don't forget to create a submission copy or a secondary copy. On submission, decide on which paper to submit. So check the format, readability, and spelling. Now that you know how to start a discussion essay let's consider the right structure for this type of essay.

Structure Of Discussion Essay

All essays vary in length and even subject, but the structure is the same. Such essays have different components which they share in common. The thesis statements and general statements must be parts of this essay. It should also contain the main body for examining the argument for and arguments against. Write these parts in one or more paragraphs each.

The essay conclusion should contain a summary of all the main points you presented. It should also be based on the main points you think are important in the essay. Also, the conclusion may contain your personal opinion on the chosen topic. It should be based on any preceding evidence.

Writing Tips For Discussion Essays

Writing this type of essay may be challenging if you haven’t done it before. Search online for a discussion essay example to guide you. If you still have issues, then you can get expert writing help from a professional for the best grades.