IntroductionThe disease model is a model that helps “highlights the differences between people with the disease, and those without it” . The disease model of addiction helps explain the various factors that can play into a person addiction (such as genetic and environmental factors). The disease model of addiction helps to explain various factors of why something is so addicting and why that certain stimuli is difficult to beat.

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Disease Model of Addiction
The disease model of addiction tries to recognize several factors that can cause a person to become addicted. The disease model also considers an addiction a disease of the brain, as the substance or stimuli (whether that be drugs, tobacco, etc.) alters the brain and its chemistry . This altering of the brain creates a need in the mind to continue using that stimuli, in order to reach that level of stimulation again (such as when a person desires a cigarette) .

The disease model also claims that when an addiction is acquired, it is irreversible from that point forward (although the addiction can be fought and become dormant) .

Reliability of the Disease Model of Addiction
The disease model of addiction is a very useful model, and it takes into account many factors and realities that hold true in practice. The fact that once an addiction is acquired it can’t be removed is very realistic. Looking at people with drug addictions (or even addictions to pornography or tobacco), they have to rid themselves of the environments in which that stimuli is ever present. They can’t truly be rid of the desires to see and use that certain thing again. They can resist the urges, but they can’t be rid of it. Treating addiction as a disease of the brain is also very progressive. Addiction has been shown to alter the brain, and understanding what addiction can do to the brain can help a person and his or her caregiver work towards a cleaner lifestyle.

The disease model of addiction is a very useful tool that can help caregivers and treatment centers progressive addicts to a better lifestyle. The disease model of addiction is a very progressive model that can be used to further the treatment of an addict.

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