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Analysis of Disease Risk Assessments in Society

The health and well being of people in society is dependent on a large number of factors in relation to lifestyle choices, environmental conditions and the ability of society to provide treatment and adequate health facilities. Organizations globally such as the World Health Organization (WHO) have agreed that there are...

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Cardiovascular Diseases

This paper discusses three risk factors that are associated with cardiovascular diseases development and focuses on the essence of the primary intervention for a patient that has yet to develop one. It describes how first a nurse practitioner needs to conduct an integrated approach to assess the patient’s needs and...

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Chronic Kidney Disease Paper

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is a severe medical condition in which the victims experience a gradual failure of the functionality of the kidney. The condition makes the kidneys to malfunction through filtering excess fluids and wastes from the blood system and thus affecting the physiological functions of the body. Therefore,...

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The “Demon Plague”: Article Summary

HIV/AIDS is a global pandemic and many countries have put in place measures to ensure its citizens have access to treatment thus lead a healthy life. America has been receiving a large number of immigrants from Asia and the Pacific, and the migration is raising concerns in the country because...

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Measles in France: Research Paper

Since 2008, France has been facing a significant outbreak of measles. In the last 5 years alone, over 23,000 cases have been reported. Prior to 1968, measles was rampant throughout the entire country, but when the vaccination for measles was introduced at this time, this made considerable progress in controlling...

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