The current technological advancement has transformed ways in which business owners interact with their customers. Computers have played significant roles in terms of job efficiency and security. Almost in every organization, the computers have been used substantially for several reasons. Nonetheless, even the smallest companies depend on these computers to ensure work done is much efficient. Networking is one of the many computer applications significant to an IT firm. The concepts and basics of computer networking have several advantages and thus, helps in improving work efficiency.

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In the United States, the technology of equipment is used in various ways. Some of the ways include the digital broadcasting systems where anchorage of news occurs. Information is shared without any problem. Computers work handily with network topologies through a linkage, and this helps in network sharing. Through a network, one printer can serve an organization that uses several computers as long as the basic connection procedures are followed. For DISH Network Technology, which is the company under analysis here, the network does not only help share information locally; it can as well be connected to other networks to attain its goal of international outreach. As technology advances to another level, various organizations are taking the advantage and have used it to generate substantial incomes. The internet technology has created global networks that work best in terms of connections.

Computer connect to the internet but through a data. Android connects all computers to the Internet but a high-speed connection is preferred. When it comes to computing applications, technology has advanced to various levels, and so is the internet connection. For instance, there are several ways in which home users can acquire the fastest internet connections. These include the satellite, cable and the Digital Subscriber Loop (DSL). While satellite connection and DSL provided by satellite television providers and smartphone lines respectively, satellite connection are usually provided by the satellite television specialists. The digital subscriber loop normally shares similar phone lines as the telephone services as there are significant amounts of capacity that are unused in the phone bandwidth.

According to Alter, the major prospect in the Work System Theory (WST) is that it entails, unit essential for triggering thoughts regarding organizational systems. N terms of organizational setting, work refers to an application of physical, human, informal and other basic resources to produce services. For a working system, the participants perform their respective responsibilities through technology, information, and other essential resources to enhance the production of particular products for specific customers or recipients. Business organizations like the DISH Network have works systems that deliver services to their customers (audience), establish financial reports, work coordination in all departments, higher employees and performance of other organizational basics.

The DISH Network is known in the United States as a direct satellite service provider that deals with broadcasting, interactive television, audio programming to residential and commercial customers within the United States. In November 2016 alone, the satellite company rendered its serves to over 580, 000 subscribers and 13.6 million television, channeled employment opportunities, the company has hired over 16,000 professionals who work day long in ensuring that the objectives. The head office is in Colorado with a postal designation at Englewood. The corporate mailing is in Colorado.

As of January 2008, DN underwent a spinning off from its parent organization; EchoStar. The EchoStar was founded in 1980 by Charlie Ergen as a distributor of satellite equipment. The commencement of suing the Dish Network begun in 1997 when is first satellite was successfully launched. The; launching process marked the beginning of its subscriptions. From that a particular date, numerous satellites had since been launched by the company with leased satellites in January 2013. Despite the progress of the Dish Network in the industry, EchoStart is still its primary partner in technology.

For many years now, DISH Network has always used the mobile technology as a means of providing superior services to its customers and clients. For in instance, last April, the company featured the company on their cover and explained the developments the company had achieved by then. The company uses various technological advancement to make their work efficient and properly delivered to the customers. They deployed a cloud-based service software from TOA Technologies. This technology brought great significance as it elevated the productivity in terms of profit acquired by 10% across its 16, 000 workforce. The Executive Vice President Erik Carlson explained that there are numerous ways in which they use technology to attain their main objective of service delivery.

The company’s field work team technicians are positioned in unique ways are they are considered the ‘only’ company that interacts one on one with the customers. In this manner, the service technicians use technology to not only in their ability or attitude to easily complete work but also with the mobile devices used while on duty. Thus, the companies rely on the technologies vested in the hands of their abled technicians, and this sends high signals to its potential clients and customers regarding what the technology entails and they should expect installed in their homes.

Since the field team technicians work solely in the field, the overall goal remains as it has always been focused on empowering the technicians to be absolutely one hundred percent independent. The tailored technology issued to the technicians helps them have a sense of empowerment, and in turn, their engagements with the customers are increased and thus increasing the productivity.

The initial mobile the company deployed years back leveraged how the Windows XP was predicted to enhance their ‘home-grown’ operating system; the workforce management system, which is web based. The system went through numerous enhancements and revisions. The Windows Operating system provided the necessary required flexible to facilitate and accommodate the changes. However, the current open architecture of Android gives a balance of predictability and customization that orients and fits in whichever direction the company heads. The company opted to use Android instead of the Windows Operating System for a number of reasons;
Real-time recovery and faster boot-up durations from standby states
Improved options availed for power management
Certain apps missing on other platforms like the DISH pointer, which locates the satellite
Many users already have Android as an interface on their personal devices
Seamless internet connections

The military grade hardware was left for numerous reasons. However, the most obvious one is directly interlinked to why the Windows Operating System (OS) was left. The tool set prior to deployment of mobile device encompassed a satellite meter that was designed to tablets that could withstand a tornado, radios for construction sites and fall off a roof. Samsung provided devices that had enlarged screen sizes that were ideal and provided great displays in terms of display. Clear displays make it much easier for the field technicians to point and locate satellite antennas through pointing, navigate rig routes, manage work orders and electronic signing of contracts by the customers. Additionally, Samsung products are comparably cheap. Having Samsung in the field, the company claims their expectations are fully met and therefore, please.

In terms of making money, the company believes that one of the unique elements in satellite TV business is when services are provided to the customers nationally and all remote areas included. The service technicians take advantage of this idea by maximally covering the areas for mobile connectivity. Nonetheless, the company has signed a partnership with other multiple carriers to make the process easier and decide on the best choice. For continuity purposes, the company allows the partners to find the best company that offers the best internet connectivity and data for all network assigned to their respective offices.

For an organization to attain its anticipated financial obligations, the employees must be trained and made aware of what is expected of them. Additionally, the job environment must be that which promotes working. The company trains its employees through online video programs. For instance, in the previous year, it trained technicians through an online 17 minutes video program. The training must be done because the simplicity of using the Android interphase can never be taken for granted or overemphasized. From the training, the company noted that service technician who already had Android on their mobile device were easy to train compared to their fellow who had it for the first time during training sessions. Nonetheless, those having iOS picked it up quickly as other switched to Android from the iOS on their personal devises. User implementations are one of the key strategies the company uses to ensure the services are effectively used, and objectives accomplished.

Through supplying the service technicians with the devices they are well conversant with, early buy-in is increased. In terms of business, the trade bodes efficiently for mobile device technology, as a network for mobile works and application capabilities. This is continually tested in the free consumer market. All that makes sense can be leveraged in terms of functionality and economics for the workforce like the handheld communications and intuitive apps. There are two clear wins in the cloud, and this includes the uniformity of deploying the management system and the elimination of the Information Technology infrastructure to the service technicians in their respective areas of work. Additionally, users receive application changes, version controls and updates simultaneously. The Confidence in its IT partners enables the company put much reliance on consistency, and this is a significant accomplishment.

In summary, the world has been transformed into a digital era due to the advancing technologies. Firs world countries like the United States, which is one of the top class countries where the technologies originate have various companies that enjoy the advancements. However, business strategies must be applied when one hopes to get considerably and compelling relationships with the customers. One of the top recipes of success in the telecommunication industry is the creation of channels that pave ways for honest consideration and interactions with the customers or other people using their devices.

The DISH Network borrowed a leaf regarding this compelling business idea and has since held sessions, created online platforms that facilitated transparency in sharing ideas, and complaints from the customers that perhaps could not have been favorable to the company. This gave a realistic, constant ideas as well as solutions for facilitating the necessary improvements. Success has no shortage, and through the advanced technology where human efforts are slowly channeled to the machines, there must be appropriate business strategies that should be stuck to rather than chased. The usability must be stressed first followed by fitting the technology into the user’s workflow. It is of great importance to elude any attempts of fitting workflow to technological advancements.