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Disney Cartoons

Walt Disney Pictures

Walt Disney was conceived by Walter Elias Disney; a name so well known in the world today. He brought not only childhood memories back to the adults, but also a brand to reckon with, and a face so well-known. One that is not only a money bag with soaring wealth...

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Disney Discussion

Walt Disney Corporation has been in business for a very long time. I don’t know if Dalian Wanda Group knows exactly what they are talking about when they forecast Disney’s failure in China. Although they may have a point that attendance may dwindle during the cold times, the warmer weather...

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Leadership: Succession at Disney

The article on leadership by Lang (2016) is about the succession of Bob Iger as the chief executive officer (CEO) of Walt Disney Company, the American multinational mass media and Entertainment Company. The exit of Thomas Staggs as the chief operations officer (COO) makes the company more likely to consider...

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Analysis of the Disney Cartoon Movie Beauty and the Beast

Disney films are, in general, regarded as good, wholesome, family-friendly fun. Many of Disney’s films are retellings of familiar fairy tales among them Cinderella and the Little Mermaid. Often the Disney retelling changes certain features of the story. For example, the Little Mermaid in the movie survives her experience and...

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