According to Marlin, Disneyland was established in July of 1995 by Walt Disney who dreamt up a new rendition of theme parks after they had cultivated a bad reputation in the 1940s and 1950s, devising a new “wholesome family park,” which he would call Disneyland. From that day on, Anaheim, California has been the dream vacation destination for numerous families who want to have a magical day or simply make their children’s dreams come true. Throughout the years Disneyland has been coined the happiest place on Earth by providing trademarked entertainment, renowned customer service, and legacy transcending through decades, and although pricing has inflated as time passes, to the surprise of many, Walt’s creation remains the most visited and renowned theme park in America.

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It is through media and franchising that Disneyland continues to remain relevant to the young population allowing for its legacy to transcend generations. Throughout the years, the addition of new tales of adventure, new childhood heroes, alternate Disney realities, and entertainment relatable to all ages, races, and genders Disney has continued to remain on top as America’s favorite children’s brand of entertainment, and it is through this legacy that Disneyland has maintained its popularity and success as an amusement park. Disneyland provides individuals with a chance to feel as if they are walking in the world of their favorite Childhood hero, providing many with the opportunity to meet their hero in the flesh through the use of live-action character actors. Disneyland brings lands of fiction to life through the use of architecture and manipulating the vegetation and surroundings to mimic lands depicted in their stories on screen. It is the combination of these relevant and timeless character stories built by the Disney brand that make Disneyland a success.

Visit to Disneyland is a unique experience because it brings its guests to the land of perfect fantasy and comfort. Its design makes people feel that they came to the land of joy, fun, and dreams. According to Marlin, “Disneyland is a world of illusion.” The park has several theme zones based on utopian dreams about America’s past, future, exotic lands, and the world of Disney’s films. Disneyland has numerous attractions that provide unforgettable entertainment to all demographics. Its famous railroads, cruises, monorails, playhouses, and cinemas ensure that each visitor will have fun regardless of gender, age, and interests.

Annually, Disneyland in Anaheim is visited by millions of people. A trip to this park is a dream-come-true experience for many American families. Disneyland has become such a legend of entertainment that visitors wish to come there against all the odds. Even large crowds and increased prices do not discourage people from going to Disneyland. According to Pimentel, although ticket prices went up twice since 2000, the number of visitors continues to grow each year. Nevertheless, the majority of people Pimentel interviewed about the price increase are sure that Disneyland is worth every dollar they pay, and they do not mind the high prices.

To conclude, Disneyland is a unique theme park that sets the highest standard in the field of family entertainment. Its unforgettable dream-like atmosphere and activities, as well as customer service and cultural legacy, attract visitors even despite the high prices. People remain loyal to this place because it gives them the chance to forget about their troubles and responsibilities and enter the world of peace, beauty, and joy. Disneyland’s cartoon-inspired locations, live-action character actors, and breathtaking attractions have become legendary, and millions of American children and adults dream about going there. The story of Disneyland proves that a thriving amusement park must be something more than just an area with attractions. To become truly legendary, it must appeal to people’s dreams.