This essay is dedicated to analyzing a current event article, which discusses the hypothetical Russian trace in the recent DNC email leak. The article in focus of this post is called “What we know about Russia’s role in the DNC email leak.” By Carroll (2016), its online version can be found on PolitiFact web site. The article is citing different experts as for their view of the recent case of email leaks or, rather, to speak, the reasons behind it and their view as for the popular version that the EMAIL Leaks was a Russian government authorized hack. This version appears to be the most popular, however, on the other hand, a very arguable version.
Some of the experts are cited saying that there is no doubt as for the Russian trace in this affair. On the other hand it is important not to overlook other critical details of this issue. For instance, the leak, among other things, has revealed the significant favor, which is given to Hillary Clinton over other democratic candidate. The leak is seen by some of the experts as an important indication of the elections in the United States being under significant influence of Russia, which is, they emphasize, an important issue to address. Some experts, however, particularly emphasize, that though the Russian trace in this entire story is definitely seen, it is not quite clear, whether the hack was authorized by Russian government, and, if so, what the intentions behind such an action was. The author suggests a short timeline of the events. The author once more assumes, it is the government of Russian Federation who is behind this issue. However, government is not yet prepared to openly name the names of those involved in this issue. Yet, there are those, who clearly doubt the correctness of the version. For instance, Jeffrey Carr explicitly states his doubt, stating that some of the technical traits, which have been recognized as Russian, have long been associated with Russia, and thus Russians would hardly have considered using them once again. There are experts, who say, that Russians lacked motivation for such a hack.

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It is important to realize the significance of this event at first place and, on the other hand, to analyze possible outcomes of it. The event itself points at first of all a bug in the entire security system, which is applied on the highest level. Another important issue is that somebody, probably outside of the United States and most probably Russia, even more likely – Russian government – are trying to interfere with the coming US presidential elections. Moreover, this somebody seems to show the signs of being effective at whatever they are doing. This means, that the elections in the number one democracy of the world can be manipulated, moreover, manipulated from outside. This is a significant call to the entire integrity of modern Western world; this is a call for the great world power, which seems to be helpless, unable to defend the interests of the most important people in the state. This is a thread, which may cause further lack of respect and trust in American election system, the one which has been built for so long and the one, which is now globally recognized as an ideal one.

If asking the author questions, I would first of all ask him what other threads the author recognizes. Secondly, I would like to ask, how acceptable it is for the media to discuss these leaks. Isn’t it something intelligence services need to keep a secret? Lastly, I would like to ask, whether this does not look like a play, carefully played by the democrats themselves to increase the ratings of their candidate, which they have been successful at, as we all can see.

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