The expansion of the nurse’s role to effectively impact healthcare delivery presents multiple opportunities for research based nursing professionals. This Admissions essay will address my rationale behind application into the DNP program. Questions answered include: (1) Statement of goals and expectations for better serving my community, and (2) Type of clinical project I hope to undertake in the DNP program.

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I believe that the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) program is not only ideal, with respect to my own personal goals, but that this program will give me all the tools required to yield a positive impact in this world. The current state of the U.S. Healthcare system indicates that there are many areas in our system, which may be optimized. Patients, professionals, and laypersons, will claim that our Healthcare System is the best in the world. Regardless of this claim, enhancements are required. The focus of a DNP program is to promote health and disease prevention, to help reduce the overall cost of healthcare delivery in the U.S.

My primary focus is to initially utilize all training and knowledge, obtained during the program to impact the local Miami-date community in a positive manner. The diverse population of individuals in the Miami-Dade area presents multiple different; age groups, ethnicities, and income levels. My overall goal would be to help underinsured and under privileged patients in this area, who may not currently benefit from the established system, using the knowledge gained during the DNP program.

While studying in the DNP program, my overall academic goal would be to learn as much as possible, pertaining to the application of research-based knowledge. An advanced practice nurse should be able to; Design, Conduct, and Analyze research data, both qualitatively and quantitatively. Information obtained during research can be used to better understand where weak points lie within our system. I expect to undergo a rigorous curriculum that will allow me to think “outside of the box” to essentially innovate our system. It appears that much controversy is associated with healthcare delivery, however application of science does not consider a person or a groups ulterior motive. I expect to be challenged by the program to design sound research plans, that would be used to cast light into the areas of healthcare that require improvement.

With respect to my overall goal for becoming an effective clinical research based nurse, I hope to gain knowledge that will allow me to develop effective strategies that enhance the safety and quality of patients receiving care. I would also like to learn methods that the nurse practitioner may use to create more cost-effective initiatives, for translational application to new delivery processes. It is important to note that the affordable care act appears to incentivize cost-effective delivery. This indicates that the ballooning cost for healthcare is being addressed and subsequently the law presents the necessary framework for motivating professionals to enhance delivery, while ensuring patient safety and a high quality of care. My goal is to be a leader in the respective areas of; Research Design and Cost Analysis.

The clinical project that I hope to initiate is health promotion and disease prevention in the Miami-Dade Area. I believe that by applying knowledge pertaining to research design, and translational application of analytical data, will allow me to identify the critical areas where healthcare delivery falls short in Miami-Dade. As the role of the nurse expands into an area where he/she may now conduct research by applying hands-on knowledge gained in the field, the potential of the nurse appears to be limitless. Additional needs to create a more sound Healthcare system will also include creating more cost-effective care. The hope is that strengthening weak areas while simultaneously lowering the overall cost will help to create the ever elusive, perfect healthcare system.