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Reflections As Observant Student At Critical Care Unit

In my observation this past week, I had an opportunity to observe a 68-tear-old woman in critical care who was hemorrhaging due to aggressive blood pressure problems, and the critical care nurse who had her as a patient. It was a trauma situation, very critical, but not necessarily an emergency....

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Healthcare Systems In The US And Germany

Germany is a great country whose healthcare system can be compared to that of the United States. Consequently, the concept of healthcare insurance in Germany can be traced back to the year 1880s. However, healthcare system in Germany is not entirely based on the workplace. On that regard, employers are...

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Classical and Operant Conditioning

Both types of conditioning are presented in the medical practice while dealing with addiction. Classical conditioning means that a certain stimulus raises a certain response. For example, if a person smokes marijuana in a car. A car and marijuana are psychologically tied in mind as a paired association. A car...

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Healthcare News

How does the publication of and public access to physician payments play a role in the physician/patient relationship?Access the physician payments, especially code-specific reimbursement rates does play a role in the physician/patient relationship. These patients sometimes refuse a medically-advised service due to the cost or have bitter attitudes due to...

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The Use of Physical Restraint in Care of Cognitively Impaired Adult Patient

Researchers have shown that the nurses continue to rely on use of physical restraint in care of patients that are cognitively impaired despite growing evidence that the use of physical restraint is traumatic, against the philosophy of nursing, potentially counter-therapeutic, and unnecessary (Duxbury, 2015). First of all, the literature review...

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The Doctoral Degree & Professional Nursing Practice

According to Smith (2013), the professional doctorate is a doctoral route for senior practising nurses who have prior professional experience and who wish to develop and utilize research both from and for the practice setting, while the doctoral degree entails the pursuit of research for academic career development. Based on...

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Doctor of Nursing Practice Admission Essay

In modern society, healthcare needs are dynamic and continue to evolve such that effective patient care requires that nurses have a sound understanding of science as well as achieve high competence in practice. Increasingly, there is an acknowledgement that nursing leadership is critical to healthcare reform, advancement of the healthcare...

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Systematic reviews of approaches for enhancing the use of antibiotics

Many people have been using antibiotics without doctor’s prescription since time in memorial. This is because of the healthcare challenges that we face worldwide. According to Hussain and Tiwari (2015) people mostly assume that because they see the same symptoms and have had earlier prescriptions from the doctor, that they...

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Telemedicine: Risks and Benefits

It can be argued that technological advancements have a significant relationship with medical advancements. From the improvements in the equipment that the patients depend upon to the accessible of records and more manageable workflow, the medical profession has become a product of these technological advancements. However, it is important to...

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Telehealth and Nursing

Telehealth is becoming increasingly common in modern medicine due to its wide applicability and ease of use (Greenberg, 2010). Personally, I have observed the use of telehealth in the clinical setting on multiple occasions. The most common use of telehealth occurs when a patient simply contacts the clinical provider to...

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Role And Responsibilities Of The Doctor Of Nursing Practice

Introduction Nurses all over the world play vital roles within and outside healthcare facilities. The practice of nursing is known to be the most diverse as it is a profession that addresses needs like; clinical, public policy, leadership and public health care. Nurses caring for the patients' wellbeing and ensure...

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Epidemiology, Nursing Research And HIV

Abstract The most serious heath issue in the world until the early 20th century, when chronic degenerative disease dominated throughout developed countries; is infectious diseases. Globally plagues and cholera have devastated a large portion of populations in European cities, and Sub-Saharan regions in Africa (Barreto, Teixeira, & Carmo, 2006). Globally close...

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Disease Prevention Plan

Taking proactive measures is one of the most practical ways that can be used towards the management of diabetes. This is because these measures are important towards the elimination of the risk factors that are likely to predispose the vulnerable populations to the attack (NDEP, 2015). The application of various...

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Healthcare Law

Tort law is something that has a major impact on healthcare. Tort law is the sort of law that allows people to file lawsuits against other people and against companies either for intentional acts or for negligence. This law impacts healthcare in a significant way because people can file lawsuits...

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