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Speech-Language Pathologists’ Roles and Services in Rehabilitation

Speech-language pathologists are recognized medical professionals whose contribution is of vital importance in medical settings. Communication is important for every human being, regardless of their age, physical or emotional setting, a factor that makes speech-language pathologists’ therapies essential in medical settings. Here, they work together with other medical professionals to...

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Reflections As Observant Student At Critical Care Unit

In my observation this past week, I had an opportunity to observe a 68-tear-old woman in critical care who was hemorrhaging due to aggressive blood pressure problems, and the critical care nurse who had her as a patient. It was a trauma situation, very critical, but not necessarily an emergency....

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Healthcare Systems In The US And Germany

Germany is a great country whose healthcare system can be compared to that of the United States. Consequently, the concept of healthcare insurance in Germany can be traced back to the year 1880s. However, healthcare system in Germany is not entirely based on the workplace. On that regard, employers are...

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Classical and Operant Conditioning

Both types of conditioning are presented in the medical practice while dealing with addiction. Classical conditioning means that a certain stimulus raises a certain response. For example, if a person smokes marijuana in a car. A car and marijuana are psychologically tied in mind as a paired association. A car...

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Healthcare News

How does the publication of and public access to physician payments play a role in the physician/patient relationship?Access the physician payments, especially code-specific reimbursement rates does play a role in the physician/patient relationship. These patients sometimes refuse a medically-advised service due to the cost or have bitter attitudes due to...

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