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Amazonian Tribes

In Terrence McKenna’s documentary on the culture of Amazonian rain forest tribe, the Shani, Shamans of the Amazon,, the filmmaker emphasizes how the culture of Amazonian tribes are founded on a deep relationship between a sacred realm and the tools to deepen the spiritual experience, which are found in...

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Film Review for: The Human Family Tree

By immersing into the documentary entitled The Human Family Tree, it comes to light that National Geographic channel is intended to unveil the mysteries of human origins. In particular, much emphasis has been placed upon various tests the mankind has undergone since the beginning of human history. The documentary gives...

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The Phenomenon of Globalization

When watching the film China Blue, there are two different subjects that are being discussed in this documentary. The first major theme of this film is globalization and how it affects different economies in different countries around the world. Even though this is set in China, it does show how...

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Heart and Minds

The 1974 documentary Hearts and Minds demonstrates how brutal and horrific the Vietnam War was for the Vietnamese people. American bombs fall on villages, killing the young and the elderly alike. In one scene, a woman who was wounded by bombs and made unable to work tells the camera that...

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Humans Too Attached To Robots

‘Visions of the Future’ is a must-watch comprehensive three-part documentary comprehensively revealing the innovative scientific advancements. The important thing is that the documentary is not a scientific analysis, but rather an accessible reflection of everyone’s role in the age of innovations, cutting-edge technologies and artificial intellect. To explore everyone’s role...

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