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Documentary Movies

Film Review for: The Human Family Tree

By immersing into the documentary entitled The Human Family Tree, it comes to light that National Geographic channel is intended to unveil the mysteries of human origins. In particular, much emphasis has been placed upon various tests the mankind has undergone since the beginning of human history. The documentary gives...

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The Phenomenon of Globalization

When watching the film China Blue, there are two different subjects that are being discussed in this documentary. The first major theme of this film is globalization and how it affects different economies in different countries around the world. Even though this is set in China, it does show how...

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Heart and Minds

The 1974 documentary Hearts and Minds demonstrates how brutal and horrific the Vietnam War was for the Vietnamese people. American bombs fall on villages, killing the young and the elderly alike. In one scene, a woman who was wounded by bombs and made unable to work tells the camera that...

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“Eyes on the Prize” Movie

The film presents a lot of insights as to what were the main reasons that pushed the people into launching the Civil Rights Movement in the United States of America. It comes at a time when the black African Americans and many other minority groups in the nation were highly...

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Humans Too Attached To Robots

‘Visions of the Future’ is a must-watch comprehensive three-part documentary comprehensively revealing the innovative scientific advancements. The important thing is that the documentary is not a scientific analysis, but rather an accessible reflection of everyone’s role in the age of innovations, cutting-edge technologies and artificial intellect. To explore everyone’s role...

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Generation Start Up: A Summary of a Film that Celebrates Entrepreneurship

Generation Start Up is a film that celebrates entrepreneurship. It showcased several young people who decided to act on their dreams of starting a company, or joining the growth efforts of newly budding companies. Throughout the film, the audience gets a chance to see the not-so-pretty side of the ladder...

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Documentary Movie Review

The American education system has numerous issues that need attention. They include incompetence of teachers and corruption, which result in poor performance of students. In 2010, Madeleine Sackler directed a documentary, which reveals the political and emotional turf wars between zoned and charter school in the Harlem region of New...

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The Central Park Five: Analysis of the Case

The Ken Burns documentary, The Central Park Five, follows the case of five African-American and Hispanic youths who were falsely imprisoned for a rape and an assault they did not commit. The documentary provides four implications as to how and why this injustice occurred: 1) racial and socioeconomic biases against...

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Documentary Review: Unnatural Causes Episode Seven “Not Just a Paycheck”

In about 4 hours, the documentary Unnatural Causes shows us a profound investigation concerning the health inequalities and disparities in American Society and the impact caused by these issues on people's behavior. According to the investigations, problems such as class division and racial discrimination not only have consequences in society...

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Many Rivers to Cross: The Black Atlantic

Many Rivers to Cross: The Black Atlantic is the first episode of the documentary series The African Americans: Many Rivers to Cross. Directed by Henry Louis Gates, the series explores the global experiences which shaped the African American people. The Black Atlantic focuses on the historical period beginning 1500. It...

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Who Killed Vincent Chin?

The 1987 documentary, Who Killed Vincent Chin?, tells the tragic story of the murder of 27 year old Vincent Chin in Detroit, Michigan. Chin’s alleged murderers, Ronald Eber, and his stepson, Michael Nitz, were two white, unemployed auto plant workers who had both recently been laid off from their jobs...

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How The Beatles Changed The World

Introduction The pop group the Beatles changed the face of music around the world. Bursting onto the music scene in the 1960’s, the Beatles did things differently than most bands. Described by Mike Paytress as giving a shot in the arm to Britain’s pop music scene the Beatles were one...

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A Review of Aging Out by Roger Weisberg

Section 1: Summary Aging Out is a film about children in a foster care system, who experiences difficult hurdles as they transition to an independent living and adulthood. It is apparent that the change is one of the major challenges even for the mature and privileged youths. Roger Weisberg, the...

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“13th” Netflix Documentary

The documentary “13th” directed by Ava DuVernay and distributed by Netflix was released in 2016. It sheds light on the way the Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States changed America and turned into a state with “the highest rate of incarceration in the world” (Thirteenth Amendment Documentary)....

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The Good News in American Medicine

The American healthcare system is the only one in the industrialized world that does not cover everyone in the country. It is also one of the most expensive in the world, partly because when everyone is covered people are healthier and healthier people cost less. The documentary The Good News...

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The Last Truck Critique

The Last Truck shows the audience the struggle of the employees of the General Motors Moraine Assembly Plant in Ohio. This giant facility was opened in 1981, and several generations worked there, earning money and providing for their families. The plant won 11 national awards for the quality of its...

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Digital Documentary

Our understanding of history and archive has changed over time as acknowledged by Jaimie Baron. History is currently understood in two perspectives; as a reference to past events and as a record and writings of the past. The understanding of history in these two aspects has encouraged knowledge of remix...

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Documentary: Blackfish (2013)

1. I expect from a documentary to tell the truth about the issue presented, and to present an honest, objective and informative account on the topic. As compared to a work of fiction, documentaries promise to avoid the narrative line, and do not offer a happy end, but rather, they...

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Movie Review: 500 Nations

After careful consideration the documentary that was chosen for the completion of this assignment is 500 Nations narrated by Kevin Costner. As stated by Costner in the opening sequence of the film’s first part, he has had a deep, genuine interest in the history of North America for a major...

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A Documentary Sicko by Michael Moore

A brilliant documentary Sicko, directed by Michael Moore, provides a harsh critic of the American healthcare. Being based on personal stories, told by ordinary Americans, the film demonstrates how many people do not have an access to medical care at all. The services are so expensive that people do not...

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