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Documentary Movies

Humans Too Attached To Robots

‘Visions of the Future’ is a must-watch comprehensive three-part documentary comprehensively revealing the innovative scientific advancements. The important thing is that the documentary is not a scientific analysis, but rather an accessible reflection of everyone’s role in the age of innovations, cutting-edge technologies and artificial intellect. To explore everyone’s role...

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Generation Start Up: A Summary of a Film that Celebrates Entrepreneurship

Generation Start Up is a film that celebrates entrepreneurship. It showcased several young people who decided to act on their dreams of starting a company, or joining the growth efforts of newly budding companies. Throughout the film, the audience gets a chance to see the not-so-pretty side of the ladder...

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Documentary Movie Review

The American education system has numerous issues that need attention. They include incompetence of teachers and corruption, which result in poor performance of students. In 2010, Madeleine Sackler directed a documentary, which reveals the political and emotional turf wars between zoned and charter school in the Harlem region of New...

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The Central Park Five: Analysis of the Case

The Ken Burns documentary, The Central Park Five, follows the case of five African-American and Hispanic youths who were falsely imprisoned for a rape and an assault they did not commit. The documentary provides four implications as to how and why this injustice occurred: 1) racial and socioeconomic biases against...

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Documentary Review: Unnatural Causes Episode Seven “Not Just a Paycheck”

In about 4 hours, the documentary Unnatural Causes shows us a profound investigation concerning the health inequalities and disparities in American Society and the impact caused by these issues on people's behavior. According to the investigations, problems such as class division and racial discrimination not only have consequences in society...

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As Putin continues killing civilians, bombing kindergartens, and threatening WWIII, Ukraine fights for the world's peaceful future.

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