My research question is “Does family support have a positive impact on HIV treatment compliance among African American women with HIV?” Since my research involves making an in-depth analysis of the African American women and the family support, my parameters will be their levels of incomes and the number of adult women in each household. For the family support to be made available for the people living with HIV, there is need to analyze their levels of income and conclude whether they need the family support or not. Consequently, the impact of the family support on HIV treatment compliance among African American women with HIV is not always positive. For family support to be made available, the African American women will first have to reveal their HIV status to the parties involved. According to Lopez (2015), this does not always work out as the community may develop hatred towards the people living with HIV. Therefore, there is need to ensure that family support has a positive outcome such as encouraging the victim to seek medical assistance which increases their survival rates (, 2017).
Moreover, I have chosen the adult women as the population of study because women are the most undermined and neglected in the society (Women’s Resource Centre, 2015). If they do not receive the proper family support, then they will be forced to live under the harsh conditions resulting from the HIV. According to SAST (2016), neglected HIV women end up having double the brain trouble if they had earlier been victims of trauma.

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I will use the sample provided in dataset1 as my sample size. The sample size is composed of 7689 people. I have chosen this sample because of the diversity of the variables collected. This will help me make better conclusions about my research question. It has data about the number of adults in every household and their levels of income. Additionally, African American women who are infected with HIV and have children in their households will need more family support. Hence, there is need to analyze these variables to draw conclusive results.

My study design will involve using cross-tabulations to analyze the variables. If you observe the cross tabulation below of the number adult women in every household by the income levels, it is quite evident that not all of the women are earning high salaries. As earlier stated, the African American women who are HIV positive are neglected by the society. Hence, I am assuming the society pays them low salaries. In this case, the family support will be helpful to these women because they will receive the financial assistance they require.

The descriptive statistics show that there is an average of more than one child in every household. Hence, the positive impact of family support to the HIV treatment compliance among African American women with HIV is inevitable.

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