Donald Trump is one of the most outspoken American presidents in history. Trump has a set a record of being active on both mainstream and social media. He has been a subject of many controversial commentaries. However, Trump has been on the frontline of promoting peace and speaking against hate crime. According to an article by Gearan and Mekhennet (N.p) of the Washington post, the recent proposal for peace between Israel and Palestine is one of the many efforts put in place by trump to mitigate hate crime. Donald Trump has also been championing leniency against previously condemned people and states such as North Korea.

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On the other hand, Donald Trump has been on the frontline in promoting hate crime. Trump has been quoted severally expressing his bigotry against Islam and its followers. Klaas (N.p) in his article, describes trump as an “islamophobic bigot” who has been attributed to the spread of hate against Muslims. Barr (N.p) argues that during the trump campaigns and presidency, Islamophobia has skyrocketed in comparison to other years. Donald Trump has also been identified severally as being an outspoken advocate for race-based hate crimes. Williams (N.p) shows that these race-based hate crimes significantly increased after the 2016 election. Thus, Donald Trump can be identified as the perpetrator of hate crimes.

Since his election, Donald Trump has continuously found himself amidst controversy. Trump has been active in ensuring that his opinions on various issues in the United States are heard via all forms of media. Despite being quoted propagating hate against different ethnic groups, he has also been championing cohesion and change of attitude towards these adverse vices. However, Trump’s ideologies on democracy are topped over by his constant racial slurs that target ethnic minorities and immigrants. Therefore, it can be alluded that Trump has single-handedly fueled hate crimes in America.

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