Donald Trump’s negative campaigns that uses bold and careless rhetoric has triggered fear, anxiety and division amongst the citizens of the United States. Perhaps, fostering unity is a major role that all the potential presidential candidates should uphold in their presidential race. However, Trump’s political campaigns have been centers of immense discussions and controversies amongst the American people on various occasions. To begin with, the billionaire’s position about the issue of immigration triggered divided suggestions amongst the citizens of the United States. According to him, illegal immigrants should be deported back to their countries. The issue caused diverse perceptions amongst the American people given that the immigrants have been significant figures in their contribution towards the economic prosperity of the country. Perhaps, immigrants have caused budgetary constraints in the country because all the immigrants have the right to access the social services and community programs that are offered by the government. However, Trump’s strong suggestion to highlight that the United States-Mexico border should be secured by constructing a wall is essentially an irrational idea (Amanda, 2016).

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Other than creating a series of discussions and divided opinion amongst the American citizens, other political activists in the country have also expressed their concerns suggesting that the decision will interfere with the relationship that exists between the United States and Mexico. More importantly, the two nations have been having close economic and business partnership that can also be affected by choosing to erect a wall to separate the two nations. Perhaps, the United States has been having difficulties trying to secure its borders and address the challenge of immigration lately. However, Trump’s approach is substantially inappropriate. Other presidential aspirants have expressed their concerns about the issue of immigration claiming that there are better channels for addressing the problem (Anne & Katie, 2016).

Another negative campaign that has been justified in Donald Trump’s recent campaigns is his position on the issue of abortion. It should be noted that abortion was legalized in the country a couple of years ago and Trump’s negative campaigns about the issue has triggered questions about his capabilities of leading the nation. In fact, Hillary Clinton raised her concern about the issue claiming that Trump’s campaigns were aimed at disempowering women in the American community. In his previous comments about the issue of abortion, Trump had suggested that women who would be found committing abortion should be subjected to the strict laws. However, he later on chose to lessen his stand by stating that all doctors who will be found undertaking abortion activities will be held responsible for their actions rather than women themselves (Nick, 2016).

Donald trump’s negative campaigns have also proved to be dividing the American people in the sense that one of his events in Chicago caused violence. It should be noted that Trump’s campaign has attracted concerns from various stakeholders including religious leaders, politicians, and the United States citizens and it was not surprising that violence is being experienced in his campaigns. In response to the protests that were redirected at his controversial campaigns, Trump stated that he felt like punching the protestors; a statement that was received by a lot of negativity by his fellow presidential aspirants. More importantly, as a president, Trump will be required to unite the American people from all parts of the country. However, the fact that he is already attracting protests from some sections of the country means that it will be difficult for the United States citizens to trust him with presidential task (Amanda, 2016).

A recent event that was described as “Trump Stamp” where the United States citizens were provided with opportunities of getting body tattoos of Trump’s portrait also triggered immense controversies and discussions amongst the citizens of the United States. The most interesting part is the fact that people who agreed to be stamped with the portrait were to be provided with free tickets for attending all the music concerts in that was to take place in their localities. Nonetheless, of all the people that agreed to be tattooed with Trump’s portrait only one of them agreed to be stamped permanently. Also, some of them were entirely Trump’s supporters. Instead, they agreed to be tattooed to win free music concerts that they were to receive in return (Anne & Katie, 2016).

Several people have questioned the approach suggesting that Trump’s campaigns are not based on democracy. In fact, presidential candidates have aired their opinions stating that Trump is not the right person to lead the country after the next presidential elections. Despite the fact that Trump has become the favorite democrat candidate, his negative campaigns have created a lot of questions from other world leaders regarding his capabilities of leading the United States of America. More division has also been cause amongst the American citizens in the sense some of his business partners have terminated their business links (Anne & Katie, 2016).

Other than causing violence in some of his campaigns, Trump’s campaigns have also cause the mistreatment of the journalists. On that regard, political analysts from both within and outside the nation have brought his integrity into question regarding his capabilities of leading the white house successfully after the retirement of President Barack Obama. The fact that some sections of the American people support his campaign methods while others are against it means that the American people are divided. Perhaps, not all sections of the American population support the Trump’s political slogans. However, the fact that violence in being registered in some of his campaigns means that his negative campaigns are causing harm to the underlying unity that the United States citizens were enjoying (Amanda, 2016).

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