Dracula dance was kind of what I expected when the dance is entitled Dracula dance. With Halloween coming up, it seems like a lot of unnecessary ‘ genre forces’ come around. That being said, the dance was not bad; it was good. It was up to my standards, and what I mean by that is that it wasn’t sub-par. Just the premise is a little corny. It reminded me of an alternative / modernized play version of the Shackleton project I saw about 4 years ago. It was performed in a sort of interpretive performance art kind of way. The Dracula dance was sort of a mixture of modern performance art and typical theatrics and a professional level of dance artistic talent.
The Dracula dance with dark, focused and exciting; scary at times but mostly just unnerving. The musical score matched very well with the choreography. It also reminded me of that scene in Batman Begins when young Bruce Wayne gets scared of the bats in the theater, or the performers dressed as bats; twirling from roped danglinf from the ceiling.

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I do enjoy gothic dark Theater, and this was again, as I stated before up to standards. What I am disappointed with is that they didn’t do anything new. Of course, when you relate something to Dracula you’re really setting your standards very high so trying to create something new and original with and character like Dracula and all of the Media has to do with him you’re going to be up to a big challenge. All of that aside, it was well choreographed and active, and the dancers are energetic yet calm if that makes sense. They had lots of energy but their movements where hyper practiced and precise. Their movements reminded me of monsters are bats but not in a way that Michael Jackson’s Thriller might be. People expect something like that but this dance was not that, and I’m very happy about it.