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Character Analysis of John Wisehammer from Our Country’s Good

In the play Our Country’s Good by Timberlake Wertenbaker, John Wisehammer appears as a convict who is taken to Australia after stealing snuff, which he blatantly denies. Being a Jew, Wisehammer encounters anti-semitism from Ross and Liz. Compared to other convicts, Wisehammer is more informed and educated. While exchanging words...

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Theme of Revolt in Albert Camus’ “The Just Assassins”

Objective: The objective of this paper is to explore, analyze, and discuss how Albert Camus has handled the theme of revolt in his play “The Just Assassins”. Doing so has required exploring the different characters presented in the play and how they respond to violence as the means to an...

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Space And Place Benefit Both Physical And Social Aspects Of Z Space

Z Space is a Bay Area theatre that serves the community in dual aspects. For the physical place, the actual theatre is found in San Francisco’s Mission District, an area bustling with liveliness. In the social space, the artists that inhabit this theatre share their imaginations together in an open,...

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Active Analysis Of Fences And Death Of A Salesman

A common theme displayed in the two plays is the American Dream. In the Death of a Salesman, it is asserted that the country in the setting was the land of breathtaking splendor. Every individual has the same opportunity to improve his welfare to unimaginable levels. It denotes that the...

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Death of a Salesman: Written Task

Had Arthur Miller’s “Death of a Salesman” been written in Communist China in the same time period, the different context would create different meaning and interpretation of the theme of the failed American Dream. In order to support that different meaning, the play would likely be written slightly differently. It...

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Death and the Maiden Review

The play “Death and the Maiden” was written by Ariel Dorfman in 1991 and it tells the story of a woman and man still recovering from the effects of violence in their home country. This is closely related to the playwright’s experience since she had just come from Chile which...

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Not Really Husband Material

Jason, surely an opportunistic villain in Medea, may be regarded as second only to Medea herself in terms of selfishness. After years of being married to his wife, he commits adultery and when Medea reacts appropriately with anger he patronizes her for being a hysterical woman, overly emotional, and says...

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Character Analysis

“Smart People” is a recent play written by Lydia R. Diamond, in which several characters struggle to handle the ideas of race and sex. Taking place in 2008, before the inauguration of Obama, America’s first black president, this play examines the state of race in America in what is supposed...

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Dinner with Friends Casting

When analyzing the characters from the play “Dinner with Friends” a good place to start would be with Gabe. A food critic in his 40s, he has known Tom since college and set him up with his wife Beth over a decade ago. It can be imagined that Gabe is...

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The Persians

This paper provides a review of a production of Aeschylus’s play The Persians by New York’s CITI Company in the Getty Villa’s Barbara and Lawrence Fleischman Theater, Los Angeles, in September 2014. It focuses on the message of the play, three aspects of its production, and its universal worth. The...

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Blanche Dubois in A Streetcar Named Desire

The article “Blanche Dubois: An Antihero” by Lauren Seigle argues that the character of Blanche Dubois in A Streetcar Named Desire is meant to be both flawed and sympathetic. Seigle’s reasoning for this is that Blanche is portrayed as heartbroken over the loss of her husband, which is a very...

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Plays: Society as Hostile to Truth in Ibsen

Introduction If Henrik Ibsen is known for any single contribution to theater, it is his commitment to exploring dangerous ideas and realities uncomfortable to the public. A Doll's House deals with the injustice of gender roles, as Ghosts is centered on sexually transmitted diseases damaging families. Ibsen is always concerned...

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Willy Loman’s Identity Crisis in Death of a Salesman

The character of Willy Loman in Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman is a montage of the millions of working class men thrown into the accelerating economy and increasing consumer-based culture of mid-twentieth century America. The play is set in the late 1940s, as the American economy is enjoying a...

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“Trifles” – The Play By Susan Glaspell

Susan Glaspell’s one-act play “Trifles” takes place in a farmhouse where a man has just died. The county attorney, the sheriff, a neighbor, and the neighbor and sheriff’s wives are all gathered in the house and Mrs. Wright, the wife of the man who has died, is accused of his...

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The Life of the Drama

In his 1964 book The Life of the Drama, Eric Bentley introduces the reader to the intricate details, dirty secrets, and unacknowledged joys of the theater. As a writer, Bentley has been quite prolific, with almost a dozen books and several plays. Born in England 1916, Bentley attended Oxford University...

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The Glass Menagerie

One of the most urged and a prominent theme of, “The Glass Menagerie,” is the escape ad the difficulty of many of the characters in accepting the reality. Each Wingfield member is unable to conquer his or her difficulty. As a result, each of these individuals results into withdrawing into...

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The Elements of the Play and Dramatic Works

The writing of a play or any dramatic work differs from other types of writing. There are specific elements that are particular to writing a play. For thousands of years, since the time of Aristotle, there have been six fundamental elements to a play (Adair-Lynch). These elements are theme, action,...

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The East-West Cultural Divide in William Shakespeare’s Othello

A great deal was happening politically, socially, and religiously in early 17th-century England. One significant political discussion, centered on the idea that foreign cultures were "seductive, different, and dangerous," had a potent impact on the content of one of William Shakespeare's most well-known plays, Othello (Vaughan, 1996, p. 14). Colonialism...

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Prometheus, Bound by Zeus

In Aeschylus' renowned Greek play, Prometheus, Bound, Prometheus is shackled and held by Zeus for disobeying divine order. Prometheus tries to get out of his predicament by justifying his actions and attacking the character and divinity of Zeus. Could it be that Zeus is not the noble god that he...

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Hubris in Death of a Salesman

Hubris, or hybris, is a literary device that refers to a character’s excessive pride. It usually appears within the protagonist and becomes his or her fatal flaw. An overconfidence or pride, sometimes stubbornness, causes the character’s downfall at the story’s conclusion. In Arthur Miller’s, Death of a Salesman, the character...

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