Extremely fast pace of college life makes its undeniable impact on students’ general physical and mental health. Dozens of assignments, active social life, and household duties run in never ending circle. Relaxation is an important method to ease tension and recuperate. I prefer drawing in my everyday life and camping as far as possible.
I like drawing more than any other things I do in my free time. This passive activity helps me to relax after my everyday routine. I do not remember the first time I discovered this relaxation technique for myself. Drawing books and pencils never disappear from my desktop. Every time I feel a tension, I resort to drawing. I make a cup of hot sweet and start drawing any creatures or things. Then an entire story comes up, which I sketch on the paper. I forget about everything while diving into my stories. I travel to fancy and mysterious worlds together with my heroes. In other words, drawing calms me down after a tiring day.

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My favorite active relaxation activity is camping. I started camping with my friends last year. Since that time we maintain our tradition to get together in the countryside at any available opportunity. We play tricks, enjoy nature and have small talks during our trips. We believe that this activity is enjoyable and beneficial because fresh air, pleasant nature, and cheerful babble of birds are beneficial to health. We feel the burst of energy and cheerfulness comes into our bodies.

College life might become boring and tiring without proper relaxation. I am convinced that it is important to spare some time for soul and body to feel happy and healthy. Therefore, every student has the relaxation activities that meet their needs.