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Piano Dreams

Dreams never seem to come easy. It sounds so romantic to say, “Go! Follow your dreams!” However, reality rarely lives up to our romantic ideas, and I have found that dreams are hard to achieve. They take work, patience, and persistence. At times, it is easy to lose sight of...

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The Failure to Reach the American Dream in Arthur Miller’s “Death of a Salesman”

The American Dream is the national set of principles according to which, any individual has the opportunity to live a better life through hard work and constant adherence to the principles of ethics. Reaching the American dream has meant for centuries, that one is able to overcome poverty and achieve...

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Harmony and the Dream

The article “Harmony and the Dream” by David Brooks discusses the differences between individualistic societies, such as the United States and Great Britain, versus collectivist societies such as China and Japan. People who live in nations that have adopted one of these mindsets show distinct differences in how they think...

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Coaching Dreams

Introduction It is likely that many people consider the job of football coach to be mainly athletic, and not based on real ability. Football at any level, after all, is a game, so coaches tend to command respect only from fans who understand how complex the sport is. These fans,...

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Viewing the American Dream Through Different Lenses

There is an alarming realization in the concept of the American Dream. This realization is that it is, in fact, a dream. The idea that anyone from any walk of life or economical background can, without harming oneself or others, become independently wealthy and successful has been at the forefront...

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