The purpose of attending public school is to gain an education at no cost to the student that will provide the basis for entering the job market or pursuing a higher degree at a community college or university. However, the public school system has become a breeding ground for inequalities and left behind the idea of an education. These areas of inequalities have prompted gang affiliations, bullying, and other social issues to develop within the schools that have made it nearly impossible for students to learn. In order to lessen the concepts of inequality and develop an environment that fosters learning rather than breeds violence, public schools should adopt a dress code and require students to adhere to that dress code or be denied enrollment.
A dress code would not change the personality of the students nor would it alter the actual variations of social and economic statuses outside of the classroom, but it would avoid any attention being drawn to these differences during the school day. Gangs would be unable to create fear by flaunting their attire that shows their affiliation. Students would not be picked on due to their clothing or inability to afford the same name brands as other students. Other social issues such as provocative clothing that can lead to early sexual activity, violent and profane images which can promote violence and aggression, and discriminatory clothing which can lead to a further separation of the common goal of the education system could all be avoided by adopting a dress code.

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Again, it is not likely that a dress code would eliminate all issues within the school system. There are a lot of personalities, peer groups, and socioeconomic differences among such a large group of individuals. However, taking the focus off of these differences would allow the students to regain focus on what the school system is intended for. Teachers could focus on teaching rather than playing mediator between the groups. In general, with a school dress code, school could become school rather than a breeding ground for a focus on differences.