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Ban of Smoking in Public Places

Introduction Because public places exist for the benefit of all, I firmly believe that smoking should be banned in them because smoking is a personal choice that directly affects others. This is by no means a violation of anyone's rights; what it means, in fact, is a protection of everyone's...

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Types of Addictions

Drug addiction as a disease is an issue that affects nearly everyone, either through personal or family experience with drugs and alcohol, or by connections with others in social, occupational, and academic circles. As such, it is important to understand the many issues that are associated with substance abuse. This...

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Teenagers Smoking Statistics

Tobacco smoking is still a problem in the country, particularly with teenagers and young adults. Nearly 100 % of the adults smoking today began to smoke before the age of 26 making the under 26 years a target population for no smoking campaigns (Koh, 2012, p. 5). Every day, 3,800...

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Pregnancy and Drug Addiction

The use of both illicit and licit drugs by pregnant women is key public health concern which has garnered considerable governmental, mass media, and medical attention given the increased health risks substance abuse poses for pregnant women as well as fetuses. This paper argues that the growing prevalence of substance...

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Harm Reduction Services

Harm reduction refers to the policies, practical strategies, programs, and ideas that have the sole aim of reducing the negative repercussions, which drugs generate. These policies are applicable to people who are unwilling to stop the use of drugs. The objective and defining feature of harm reduction is in the...

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Drug Addicted Babies

The problem of infants being born addicted to drugs because of their mother's addictions has been a growing health problem in the United States for several decades. During the 1980s and 1990s, medical settings were seeing large numbers of babies being born addicted to crack, but in modern times, the...

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Addiction in Daily Life

Prior to college, coffee was something that I occasionally enjoyed on the weekends when I made a trip to Starbucks. Even then, I would not classify the mocha Frappuccino as actual coffee. Once college began; however, I began consuming fairly large quantities of coffee, not to mention Red Bull and...

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Addiction and Crime

That society should have serious issues with drug use is reasonable. Many who take drugs, and particularly those using heroin and more extreme varieties, destroy their lives, injure their families and communities, and become locked in cycles of painful addiction. These realities, however, may not be employed to support the...

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Why Teenagers Do Drugs

The teen years have been strongly associated with the time to get to know new people and dig deep into their own lives. In fact, being a teen involves getting to the crux of what you really want in life. There is a general opinion that teenagers demonstrate an ultimate...

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War on Drugs Essay

The “War on Drugs” was a national movement in the 1980s and 1990s that called for law enforcement to get tough on drug control and incarcerate individuals in order to deter people thinking about committing drug crimes and reduce recidivism for drug offenders (Kelly & Barker, 2016). Policymakers adopted initiatives...

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Marijuana Legalization Essay

There are many arguments over the legalization of marijuana that have scientific, social and cultural significance. While some like Miron argue that “the drug comes with a long list of negative side effects,” (5) others, including Caulkins et al claim the drug may be no more damaging than alcohol, and,...

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National Drug Control Strategy 2014

The national strategy seeks to follow through the government’s commitment to develop a drug policy that is holistic and inclusive as possible. This enables it address the divergent issues of drug use, addiction, public health and safety. The policy seeks to demonstrate that addiction is a disease of the brain...

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Psychoactive Drugs and Their Effects on the Brain

What drug is Gretchen on? Gretchen is on illegally obtained prescription opioid pain killers. Choose'at least 4'of the following questions to discuss: 1. What drug has the individual in this case been using? What led you to believe this? Gretchen is on illegally obtained prescription opioid pain killers, such as...

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Adolescents Using Alcohol or llicit Drugs

It is quite evident that from a general perspective, the number of adolescents who engage in the consumption of alcohol and or illicit drugs has considerably reduced over the past 6 years (Healthy, 2016). The adolescent population that is described in the health indicator of substance abuse refers to...

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Cigarette Smoking: An Analysis

Should Cigarettes Be Banned Cigarettes are harmful; but whether or not they should be banned is a question that individuals and politicians have debated for a long time. Cigarettes should not be banned, much like any other substance that is harmful including alcohol should not be banned. Rather, the public...

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Feedback Regarding Study With Adolescence Of Divorce And Substance Abuse

Regarding the population of interest, i.e. teens from divorced parents, I would think that one of the issues that had potential bias would be whether or not the parents themselves were substance abusers. In other words, if the teenagers came from a household where by the parents used alcohol or...

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Drug Abuse and Addiction

In speaking to several younger and older people about drugs and drug issues in general, I noticed a variety of interesting differences and similarities. To begin with, I fully expected that the fellow students I talked with would be very supportive of marijuana legalization. After all, young people traditionally are...

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Health Advocacy Campaign: Smoking Cigarettes – In the Adult Population

Smoking constitutes a serious public health problem and a leading cause of preventable illness and death in the United States. About one in five adults smoke, and on a daily basis and about 1,000 people under age 18 begin smoking in the U.S. Over 1,200 people die daily due to...

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The Use Of Biological Drugs In Breast Cancer

Nowadays, a lot of people suffer from breast cancer and try to seek for the ways on how to avoid further development of breast cancer and eventually, overcome such an illness. Needless, one of the most critical alternatives for treating breast cancer is a permanent usage of biological drugs that...

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The Link between Mental Illness, Substance Abuse, Adolescence Delinquency and Impulsivity

Often when dealing with social ills, such as mental illness, substance abuse, adolescence delinquency and impulsivity, it should be noted that there is a level of co-morbidity between these issues. The case presented clearly indicates that the youth in question, Michael, a seventeen year old male, has a number of...

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