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Ban of Smoking in Public Places

Introduction Because public places exist for the benefit of all, I firmly believe that smoking should be banned in them because smoking is a personal choice that directly affects others. This is by no means a violation of anyone's rights; what it means, in fact, is a protection of everyone's...

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Types of Addictions

Drug addiction as a disease is an issue that affects nearly everyone, either through personal or family experience with drugs and alcohol, or by connections with others in social, occupational, and academic circles. As such, it is important to understand the many issues that are associated with substance abuse. This...

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Teenagers Smoking Statistics

Tobacco smoking is still a problem in the country, particularly with teenagers and young adults. Nearly 100 % of the adults smoking today began to smoke before the age of 26 making the under 26 years a target population for no smoking campaigns (Koh, 2012, p. 5). Every day, 3,800...

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Pregnancy and Drug Addiction

The use of both illicit and licit drugs by pregnant women is key public health concern which has garnered considerable governmental, mass media, and medical attention given the increased health risks substance abuse poses for pregnant women as well as fetuses. This paper argues that the growing prevalence of substance...

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Harm Reduction Services

Harm reduction refers to the policies, practical strategies, programs, and ideas that have the sole aim of reducing the negative repercussions, which drugs generate. These policies are applicable to people who are unwilling to stop the use of drugs. The objective and defining feature of harm reduction is in the...

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