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Zamyatin’s We

The book We was written in 1924 by a Russian writer Yevgeny Zamyatin. It is a dystopian novel which talks about a totalitarian society which is secluded from the remaining world. The novel is written in the form of a diary with forty entries. In short, the society which is...

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Knowledge is A Weapon of Mass Destruction, Ignorance is Bliss

The literal meaning of the title of the second part of Fahrenheit 451, “The Sieve and the Sand” refers to a completely futile act of trying to amass the sand using the sieve. As Montag tries to read the Bible on the train, he thinks, “if you read fast and...

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Dystopia Creative Essay – Nelson Mandela

Gulandia was a place of ultimate annihilation and demise. Not in a wide sense though. A small group of “the privileged” could never associate with these words. They felt very comfortable in their mansions filled with all possible luxuries. Yet this was not so for “the doomed,” who made up...

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Farahs Dystopia

Atlantis is a beautiful city by the sea where everything is done traditionally. There were no phones and not a single invention of technology. People relied on the traditional means of communication. They would send letters and use smoke signals to pass a message from one place to another. It...

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Children and the Family Units in Dystopian Novels

The body of dystopian literature is rich and provides an excellent opportunity to examine how human beings and society can be manipulated. “1984” by George Orwell and “A Brave New World” by Aldous Huxley are often used for this purpose as they both represent a future in which a totalitarian...

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