Among many ongoing discussions these days, one of the mot substantial and crucial points to be discussed is whether e-books should prevail the paper version books. The discussion has been extended to the business perspective. Also, an essential point of view is also conveyed by the medical community. Given the fact that both options remain available, is it the question that is being addressed to consumers who have the final say in regards to the available options.
The first and foremost perspective one shall consider in while analyzing the issue of buying electronic books or paper-version books are the aspect of health. Let’s think how a man of us suffer from poor eyesight, or how many people are actually not watching for the conditions in which they read? When years pass, the issues are growing, and the sense of choosing routine elements of our existence becomes more and more questionable. According to National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, carried out in 2010, over half of American nation suffers from the poor vision. Even though the survey appears to be outdates, the scale of the issue remains evident. Thus, one could transit to the question of choice between the electronic books and the paper-version, taking into consideration the growing number of people who suffer from poor eyesight. Both, from the medical point of view as well as from the marketing perspective, one could claim that e-books with their innovative upgrades comprise a better offer for persons who suffer from the poor health conditions. Also, the fact that most of the people prefer to refer to sustainability as the main argument for resolving the health issues, the e-book would be presented as the better and the more sustainable option. Contrary to the e-book, the paperback version would also serve as the sufficient option. However, the counterargument would be that people tend not to watch for their health conditions when it comes to reading. The lack of awareness on the given issue raises the question whether one could be fully aware of the fact of loosing eyesight so drastically when it comes to reading. Therefore, the first aspect for analysis leads to the conclusion that in regards to the health conditions, e-books present the better and the better-grounded reasoning for preserving eyesight.

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No less important is to take into consideration the ecological perspective. Currently, over 485 million tons of paper have been wasted, and books comprise the main part of such a waste. Therefore, the argumentation for the e-books in regards, For instance, it takes over 75.000 trees to print out Sunday version of New York Times. So, once you think of the papers you have printed, the numbers get even more drastic. That is why e-books propose the most effective response to environmentalist issues, too. While analyzing the use of paper-back books in regards to environmentalism, the first thing that comes to the mind is that people tend to purchase these types of books for satisfactory reasons, while fully abandoning the argument for the necessity to purchase e-book for the sake of ecology. Therefore, while comparing the two types of books, the winning argument goes to the e-books once again as the multitude of the beneficial factors constitute the majority of cases some people practice these days, too.

No less important point to consider is the fact of sustainability. Yet, the perspective to be considered certainly coincides with the argument for the more people tend to purchase books dor the sake of satisfaction. Therefore, the evaluation of long-term strategies leads to the integrity of the fact these two aspects shall be included while comparing the e-books with the paper-version. Digital technologies propose to move forward and undermine the existing approaches in reading, too. One who moves forward is looking into the future. Therefore, the alternatives for wasting tons of paper lead to the fact that people are ready to accept the given chances to them. Thus, reviewing the issue from the perspective of sustainability allows to evaluate the problem from the future perspective. Given the fact that with the growing role of digitalization these days, more and more people tend to rely on technology in its essence. As some pessimists predict the end of the future of the books in the digital era, the existing market with the certain shift of the customer attention still evidences the importance of the cause these days. So, having analyzed the benefits of the medical conditions combined with the factors that impact on environment, ecology with the combined factors of the innovations, electronic books are being more and more in use these days.

However, the esthetic side of the issue proposes some different approaches to in regards to making choices and comparisons between paper version and e-books. Historically, there were certain categories of people who would purchase their books for the sake of satisfaction. It was a common practice for people from the upper class who could afford them as prices for books were quite high. Since the emerge of the phenomenon of the collective reading with the Reformation of the church, books became the factor that also identified literacy. Therefore, often those who could read could also write so that people from the upper-class surroundings would appreciate. With the time of schooling when lack of awareness was still dominant in the society, a large part of people were purchasing books for esthetic reasons. While projecting such a practice to the today’s digital world, some people of aristocratic behavior tend to make full collections of work they prefer the paper version. Unfortunately, such an option would not be available for the e-book lovers. However, given the fact that minimalism is growing as the trend lately, people get inspired by decorating their practices in order. That is where e-books would fit well. Thus, while making comparisons with the e-books and paper-version in regards to technology and innovations, one shall be aware of such factors as a utility, substance, and emotions put into the act of enjoying. As there are some people who enjoy reading paperback versions and underline the information they find substantial, it would indeed be challenging for them to change their attitudes towards e-books. However, comparisons illustrate that both types of books could be useful in a different environment when people have to make their preferences in the given contexts to them. Thus, a factor of personal preference becomes determinate for the evaluation process of e-books and paper-back.

To conclude, one shall mention that there are certain substantial differences between the two types of books. In the research paper, it was illustrated that each type of books has it benefits. Particularly, e-books comprise a better option for people with poor sight, whereas paperback version becomes an essential part for those who enjoy esthetics decorations. While comparing the two types, the biggest difference that stands out is that those who purchase e-books consume less paper and think more sustainably than those who prefer to read the paper version.

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