Otitis is the general inflammation of the ear in both animals and humans. The otitis is divided into two: otitis externa, interna and otitis media. They are all common in animals but particularly humans. This research aims to explicate the ear diseases.

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Otitis Externa (OE)
This is an infection of the auricle and the auditory canal (EAC) or both. It is a common disease found across age groups. OE usually is a representation of an acute bacterial inflammation of the membrane of the ear duct. It is usually cause by Pseudomonas aeruginosa, staphylococcus aureus or other bacteria, fungal infection and viruses.

Other factors contributing to EAC infection include high humidity, lack of cerumen, increased temperature, retained water in ear duct and local trauma. Athletes are prone to this infection because of increased air pressure.
• Acute diffuse OE
• Acute localized OE
• Chronic OE
• Eczematous OE
• Necrotizing or malignant OE
• Otomycosis

• Ear feels full and may itch
• Swelling of the ear cavity
• Ear drainage and ear pains and canal may block leading to a swollen face
• Enlarging of the lymph nodes of the neck making jaw opening painful

Otitis media
It is any infection of the middle ear without allusion to pathogenesis or etiology. It is common in children. Other types include: acute otitis media chronic superlative media, adhesive otitis media and, otitis media with effusion,
• Earache
• Sickness
• Lack of energy
• High temperature (38 degrees and higher)
• Slight deafness

Causative agents
• Pseudomonas aeruginosa

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