I consider myself a student in the true sense of the word. I embrace learning in all of its forms. I do not only seek knowledge in a formal academic setting such as high school but also pursue learning opportunities on my own such as reading books and learning from the diverse experiences and insights of other people. It is also important to me to be constantly challenged so that I am inspired to work harder. Not surprising, the idea of attending a rigorous early high school college holds great appeal to me even though I recognize the workload will be greater than other schools. Manhattan Hunter Science High School will allow me to attend Hunter College as a senior that should provide me a strong foundation for my future college career. It will be easier for me to transition from high school to college life due to prior exposure to college life. In addition, I will be able to develop productive relationships with the professors at Hunter College that could prove beneficial in the future should I seek research opportunities to further enhance my classroom learning.I possess strong work ethics as a student but my most valuable trait may be my passionate attitude towards learning and having an open mind. I love the fact that the majority of the students at Manhattan Hunter Science High School come from minority ethnic and cultural backgrounds. This will allow me to learn from the diverse perspectives of other students and enable me to develop cross-cultural skills that are valuable in the real world. I also believe my unique traits and insights will help me make valuable contributions to class discussions and enrich the learning experiences of other students. I have no doubt I will be a great fit to the learning community of Manhattan Hunter Science High School.

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