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Continental Drift and Earthquakes: Cause and Effect

The theory of plate tectonics states that the plates on which the continents reside move steadily over the planet’s surface as a result of their residence upon a substratum of magma (, 2012). Continental drift is the term that is used to describe the lateral continental movement which occurs as...

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Earthquakes Research Paper

Earthquakes can be one of Mother Nature’s most deadly devices, as they are both unpredictable and lethal in many cases. In the last decade alone, several earthquakes have brought havoc and destruction to countries around the world. Earthquakes occur based on two primary reasons, and have resulted in several deadly...

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Possible Major Earthquake Offshore Washington/Oregon

According to the article from Discover Magazine, there is significant evidence that North America is overdue for a giant earthquake along the Cascadia subduction zone west of Washington and Oregon in the Pacific Northwest. According to reporter Jerry Thompson, the enormous fault line has been calm for three centuries. However,...

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