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18 Views the Way Forward

In this paper, the case of a commercial website called is considered. is patterned after Amazon, but with a focus on saving money rather than on providing the most convenient experience possible. Amazon focuses on providing goods quickly (consistent 2-day shipping is one of its biggest draws), whereas...

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Decision Making at the Top: The All-Star Sports eBusiness Division

The bounded rational decision making process used by the All Star Sports management will minimize or eliminate certain biases, mostly at the cause of the group framing stage and the final ratification stage. Working together as a group has certain advantages, including benefiting from diverse input and different areas of...

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Transition to E-Business

When companies make a difficult transition from brick and mortar to e-business, it has an impact on more than just their customers. While most people look at the outside and see how a company changes the way it does business, they should also consider the internal environment to see how...

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Wholesale and Retail: Going Digital

Given the incredible advancements in today’s technology, and our amazing digital age, the future for the wholesale and retail market is no exception to the evolution. Wholesalers and retailers are undoubtedly up on the curve with the changes the digital age is continually bringing to our doorsteps. There are new...

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The Effect of Online Shopping on Retail

Steam, combustible engines, automatic rifles, steel mills, railroad, breaking the sound barrier – these disruptors change the way people live. Disruptive innovation refers to a advanced process, tool or apparatus that creates a new market and network that disrupts the flow of the established market. A disruptive innovation changes the...

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