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In this paper, the case of a commercial website called is considered. is patterned after Amazon, but with a focus on saving money rather than on providing the most convenient experience possible. Amazon focuses on providing goods quickly (consistent 2-day shipping is one of its biggest draws), whereas...

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Decision Making at the Top: The All-Star Sports eBusiness Division

The bounded rational decision making process used by the All Star Sports management will minimize or eliminate certain biases, mostly at the cause of the group framing stage and the final ratification stage. Working together as a group has certain advantages, including benefiting from diverse input and different areas of...

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Transition to E-Business

When companies make a difficult transition from brick and mortar to e-business, it has an impact on more than just their customers. While most people look at the outside and see how a company changes the way it does business, they should also consider the internal environment to see how...

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Wholesale and Retail: Going Digital

Given the incredible advancements in today’s technology, and our amazing digital age, the future for the wholesale and retail market is no exception to the evolution. Wholesalers and retailers are undoubtedly up on the curve with the changes the digital age is continually bringing to our doorsteps. There are new...

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The Effect of Online Shopping on Retail

Steam, combustible engines, automatic rifles, steel mills, railroad, breaking the sound barrier – these disruptors change the way people live. Disruptive innovation refers to a advanced process, tool or apparatus that creates a new market and network that disrupts the flow of the established market. A disruptive innovation changes the...

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H&M Swimsuit Department

1. What is the assortment of merchandise they are selling? This location is selling a number of different bikini sets in a wide range of different colors. The styles are mostly similar – basic bikini sets. In addition, there is overall beach wear, including cover-all bathing suits and beach dresses....

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Cliptomania Earrings

Introduction Clipotmania is an online business which is focused on delivering to customers various brands of earnings. At the heart of their strategy, is an emphasis on keeping costs low, specialization and going into areas where they can take advantage of their unique brands. However, the firm is facing challenges...

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Ebay SWOT Analysis

Since its founding by Iranian-American Pierre Omidyar in June 1967, eBay (originally named Auction Web) has emerged as the leading bidding website in the world. From the first item ever sold on eBay (a broken laser pointer which sold for $14.83) to the most expensive item ever auction a 405-foot,...

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Online Shopping Essay

Online shopping is the process of making purchases over the internet, and it has revolutionized how businesses function in the modern era. Online shopping first became prevalent in the late 1990s, when internet technology first became mainstream. The most prominent online retailer to emerge during this era was Amazon, which...

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E-Commerce Security Threats Article Analysis

Key Issues The key issues described in the Security Threats article reveal the numerous ways that an internet application might become compromised by various external threats such as hackers. The purpose of the article is to highlight the more common threats and security weaknesses, to show how hackers might utilize...

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Common Security Vulnerabilities in E-Commerce Applications

ANSWER TO QUESTION ONE Organizations implement various countermeasures to protect data from vulnerabilities. The countermeasures are integrated into the design phase of the target e-commerce web application. Therefore, a thorough and comprehensive assessment of all the risks and vulnerabilities that an e-commerce website application might face. The key and target...

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Strategic E-Commerce

E-commerce has been used by businesses in the past century to modify and enhance their business strategies. The choice of a model of E-commerce by a given business entirely depends on the type of industry it operates in and the prospective customer the entity seeks to serve with its products...

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Airbnb vs. The Ecommerce Giants

Airbnb is an online marketplace that allows users to rent or lease apartment rentals, vacation rentals, hotel rooms, hostel beds and homestays among others. Airbnb does not own any of these facilities but just acts as a broker. Airbnb makes money through commissions that it receives from hosts and guests...

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Email Marketing Companies

Constant Contact Constant Contact was founded by “Roving Software” in 1995 in Brookline, Massachusetts. At that time, emails were usually friendly communication online with acquaintances and family members. The founders began using it as a marketing tool to help small businesses gain exposure and ground with the larger companies. They...

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Electronic Commerce

Part A: E-commerce in terms of Business to Customer Models Business to consumer models refers to a type of business where consumers buy end products directly from businesses. In this type of model, the businesses market directly to consumers and facilitate low purchase volumes of higher priced products. By eliminating...

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Current BIS assessment of Costco

Costco Wholesale Corporation is a global but US-based company that deals in a wide range of products. The company’s business is done through e-commerce using the organization’s webs. The prime motive of the company is to aid small and medium business entities to spend less in buying products for resale....

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Consumer Behavior and E-Commerce

In “E-Commerce Boom Roils Trucking Industry,” published April 14, 2016, Betsy Morris of the Wall Street Journal details how e-commerce has altered consumer behavior. With American consumers doing a bulk of their shopping online now, the way people make purchases and how they make purchases is changing. The ripple effect...

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Recent trends in e-commerce and Mobile Web Design

The world has been subjected to tremendous technological innovations and developments over the recent years that have improved the quality of life (Ballenger, 2007). The recent trends in electronic commerce and mobile web design have proved that mobile e-commerce is growing at a faster rate than initially expected. Nonetheless, the...

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Velox App

Porter’s Five ForcesPorter’s Five Forces as you can see in Figure 1, is the idea of how a business operates in conjunction with competitors. This process is very well known and used frequently when bringing up new business ideas to see how they will work in the marketplace. This will...

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Uber: Knowledge Management and e-Commerce

AbstractUber is one of the latest advancement of technology in the transportation department. It uses and App, which can easily be downloaded from the Google Play store and installed in mobile phones and any other computer devises that uses an Android. Since its invention, the company has provided many employment...

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