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E-Business Design

In the 21st century, web based applications and smartphone software has enabled millions of people to better organize their lives and be able to become more efficient in what they do and how they can achieve particular goals and outcomes. One area that web based designs and applications have moved...

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E-business Risk

IntroductionElectronic business or e-business is described as doing business activities through the Internet. E-business entails all dealings that one can undertake over a computer network, ranging from online shopping to sending emails (The Free Library par 2). An electronic business owner or manager needs to test out and develop not...

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Investment on Nordstrom’s E-commerce

Electronic retailing, in the age of the Internet, has proven to be a dynamic and lucrative investment. Online marketing is considered a defensive business model, as retailers are looking to renovate their marketing strategy by offering e-commerce services. In 2016, The Wall Street Journal reported that Nordstrom, an international, luxury...

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