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Economic development

Creative Problem Solving in the Face of Extreme Limits

The TED talk by Navi Radjou reminds us that the best way to address scarcity of resources is to find creative ways to use limited resources. Navi reminds us that North has led the way for innovation because they had resources but now South is teaching North how to innovate...

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Oil Price and Production: Cause and Effect

In “Oil Prices: Cause and Effect,” the author analyzes the relationship between the supply of crude oil and price. Alan Reynolds, analyst with the think tank Cato Institute, focuses more heavily on the effects of the situation, which is consequential given the presence of globalization and the importance of oil...

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6-1 Final Project Milestone Two: Sustainability and Economic Valuation Methods

Introduction Pollution of the environment (land, air, and water) has become a global pandemic. The contamination of the ecosystem has created widespread and untold environmental consequences for humans, animals, and plants alike. Efforts to halt uncontrolled pollution and to reverse its effects are currently underway. At the heart of these...

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Inflation and Microeconomics

Introduction Globalization’s impact on emerging markets and stalwarts has been generally positive, but from a microeconomic perspective one must analyze the myriad effects that a globalized market can have on locales and their corresponding business practices. An anecdotal example would be how a local salesperson may have to significantly decrease...

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Centennial Exposition, 1876

Industrial Economy Industrial revolution is one of the factors that contributed to the rapid development of the American society after the Civil War. Industrial revolution was mainly influenced by expansion of factory production, mining, and expansion of rail and road infrastructure in all parts of the country. Another factor which...

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