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Economic development

Creative Problem Solving in the Face of Extreme Limits

The TED talk by Navi Radjou reminds us that the best way to address scarcity of resources is to find creative ways to use limited resources. Navi reminds us that North has led the way for innovation because they had resources but now South is teaching North how to innovate...

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Oil Price and Production: Cause and Effect

In “Oil Prices: Cause and Effect,” the author analyzes the relationship between the supply of crude oil and price. Alan Reynolds, analyst with the think tank Cato Institute, focuses more heavily on the effects of the situation, which is consequential given the presence of globalization and the importance of oil...

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6-1 Final Project Milestone Two: Sustainability and Economic Valuation Methods

Introduction Pollution of the environment (land, air, and water) has become a global pandemic. The contamination of the ecosystem has created widespread and untold environmental consequences for humans, animals, and plants alike. Efforts to halt uncontrolled pollution and to reverse its effects are currently underway. At the heart of these...

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Inflation and Microeconomics

Introduction Globalization’s impact on emerging markets and stalwarts has been generally positive, but from a microeconomic perspective one must analyze the myriad effects that a globalized market can have on locales and their corresponding business practices. An anecdotal example would be how a local salesperson may have to significantly decrease...

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Centennial Exposition, 1876

Industrial Economy Industrial revolution is one of the factors that contributed to the rapid development of the American society after the Civil War. Industrial revolution was mainly influenced by expansion of factory production, mining, and expansion of rail and road infrastructure in all parts of the country. Another factor which...

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Cost Benefit Analysis And Environmental Economics

Summary of Topic Cost benefit analysis is used in accounting and management to compare the monetary value of the benefits of an action with the monetary costs. It takes into account the effect of the amount of time that it takes for the benefits to repay its cost. Its most...

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Microeconomics as the study of economic trends and tendencies

Microeconomics is the study of how economic trends and tendencies are determined by the choices people make, the factors involved with supply and demand in their choices, and the overall impact on businesses and society. The complex relationships between consumers, producers, and government are all considerations in the study of...

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Major Debates over Macroeconomic Policy

Zero-Inflation TargetInflation refers to the overall costs of goods and services as well as the cost of living within an economy/country. Different economies usually have different rates and levels of inflation and they also deal with the inflation differently (Mankiw, 2015). So far, it has been identified that the central...

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Saving Adam Smith

Abstract It is easy to forget that Wight’s Saving Adam Smith is meant for teaching and learning. The objective of lessons in the roots of the economic and moral theories of Adam Smith. It has the kind of title that you might find on a blockbuster movie. Even though it...

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Competitive Bidding

1) Competitive bidding does provide significant long-term cost savings when compared to other approaches that might be utilized by the government. One of the upsides of competitive bidding is that it brings into play a wide range of different companies, bringing about the newest and best ideas in medical equipment....

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Where Are We Headed?

One clear effect of the recent global economic recession is that it has highlighted the rapidly changing and evolving nature of today’s economy, and the many challenges that will need to be overcome if further recessions are to be avoided. A significant factor affecting business in the modern global environment...

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Needs Assessment for Orangeburg County, South Carolina

Orangeburg County, South Carolina, is one of the oldest counties in the nation. The largest community in Orangeburg County its the city of Orangeburg, which also functions as the county seat. Orangeburg and other towns throughout the county are relatively small with a focus on agriculture for the economy. The...

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Keynesian Vs. Classical

The Concept of Classical TheoryThe classical economic theory is based on Say’s Law. Say’s Law asserts that “Supply creates its own demand” (Bortis 5). This is a clear indication that whatever the people produce is all sold. The main question that comes up in the discussion of Classical theory is...

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Economic Factor

Cash management is one of the fundamental factors of business success. Small and large businesses that cannot develop and use effective cash management models will hardly be successful in the global marketplace. As Beesley (2013) says, "cash flow is the lifeblood of a business and critical in its growth." Therefore,...

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State of the Macroeconomy

The U.S. annual real GDP growth rate was 2.4 percent last year. It was unchanged from the year 2014 when it was 2.4 percent as well though an improvement over 2013 real GDP growth rate of 1.5 percent . This means the U.S. economy is doing well though it may...

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Challenging Classical Liberalism: Political Economy and its Four Main Perspectives

Abstract Following the advent of political economy, various groups of thinkers generated their own variations, generating the four main perspectives of political economy: Classical Liberalism, Modern Liberalism, Conservativism, and Radicalism. Each perspective has its own ideal commerce scenario, and its own thoughts on how government and economy should mix and...

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Intellectual Traditions Within Political Economy: The Radical Tradition and the Critique of Liberalism

The encounter of traditional liberal political economy with the so-called radical school gave birth in the 18th and 19th centuries to some of the most powerful social critiques and social movements in history. From the French to the Russian Revolution, the influence of a radical tradition represented by Jean-Jacques Rousseau...

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Political Traditions on Explaining Poverty and Inequality

The classical liberalism doctrine holds that all individuals have natural rights. The existence of certain natural rights brings with it the assertion that individuals have certain minimums that must be guaranteed by a government. For example, a natural right to liberty means that a government should not imprison people for...

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GDP and the Economy

Some political conservatives believe that the economic crash of 2008 is more-or-less behind us now; and that, while recovery has been slow, no one should be upset with how the economy is doing at this point. They further maintain that it would be irrational to be anxious, upset, or angry...

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The Real Economy in the Long Run

THE REAL ECONOMY IN THE LONG RUN Abstract Productivity is an important concept in economics as it guides the management in delivering value to the firm’s stakeholders. The productivity of an economy is mainly determined by the nature of businesses and their operations. China’s economy has experienced rapid growth in...

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