Despite the corruption in the international monetary system that runs the various countries around the globe, the economic struggles that currently burden the continent of Africa is a direct result of repeated corruption and failure in African leadership. With regards to the natural resources that are fruitful across the land, Africa is the richest continent in the world. Possessing 50% of the planet’s gold supply, 90% of cobalt, 40% of potential planetary hydroelectric power, and 65% of manganese, Africa’s trade should be booming (Yates, 2012). In addition, the continent is coupled with acres and acres of untilled farmland to grow much needed crops (Yates, 2012). Unfortunately, even with this abundance in goods and resources that could make for an extremely healthy economy in regional, national, and international trade, modern research concludes that “the bulk of African people live as if they were citizens of deserts” (African Code, 2016). The base problem lies within the feeble leadership in charge of the continent taking care of its most valuable resource: its citizens. These people live in “unnecessary frustration, hopelessness and poverty, die of preventable disease, or run to the West to gain appreciation” (African Code, 2016). The failure in leadership is marked especially by the actual individuals who are in charge. For example, the African union is composed of individuals possessing no qualifications outside of being clan members and villagers, a form of corruption (African Code, 2016). Another one of the greatest anomalies in leadership is the fact that “each new leader refuses to continue the work of their predecessor”, especially if the new leader is from a different party (Talk Africa, 2010). As a result, the projects and ambitions that were potentially improving the economy and overall lifestyle of the people are abandoned, wasting time and resources which both damage lifestyles and create a cycle of economic struggle (Talk Africa, 2010).

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