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Non Franchised Opportunities

Hope Blooms Flowers and Things is a FTD floral shop owned by Dorothy Hope since the year 2000 (“Dorothy Hope,” 2016). The floral shop is open six days a week and offers full floral services including flower bouquets and arrangements for weddings and events (“Hope Blooms Flowers & Things,” 2016)....

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Subway Franchise Evaluation

Franchise business has been in existence for a long time despite the challenges that exist in this kind of venture. However, some of the franchise have stood against the odds and remain dominant in the market. Subway franchise is one of them; the franchise remains dominant in the food industry...

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Markets and the Economics of the Public Sector: Speech Example

Good afternoon ladies and gentleman, thank you for coming out to the Governor’s Conference on Economic Development. We would like today to discuss a few stimulating topics that must deal with our economy and how it has advanced and transformed over time. To do this, we initially need to talk...

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Microeconomics Research Project Example

The article discusses the possible implications of a tax on cigarettes by the Chinese government in order to curb the rate of smoking in the country. It highlights the alarming rate of smoking amongst Chinese population. It also discusses the high dependence of Chinese tobacco industry on cigarettes as well...

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Economics of Land and Water

Abstract Natural resources are essential for human survival. Human beings utilize the resources to obtain food, shelter, and energy. With the recent upsurge in human population, debates have emerged on way of enhancing efficiency in natural resources allocation. This paper evaluates the current state of four vital natural resources and...

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