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Microeconomics Internal Assessment

Apple products are extremely popular, but the focus of an article by Christopher DeSousa in the Daily Finance was the company’s strategy to increase the popularity, and therefore the demand, for its stock. Apple has done this by hinting at new and potential disruptive products like the innovative iPhone and...

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Macroeconomics – Politics, Policy, and Finance

Every management decision such as the health policy decision has a financial implication (Dunham-Taylor & Pinczuk. 2014). For instance, the proposition of exercise tax on cigarette has helped reduce the consumption of the same resulting in improved health conditions. On a short term, this has led to an increase in...

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Luxury And Necessity Products

One of the products that were once a luxury and now a necessity is computers. Computers have become a necessity because it is hard to imagine an aspect of our personal and professional lives that has not been touched by computing technologies. In addition, mass production has helped bring down...

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Economics Basics

Buyer-agents normally work in specific jurisdictions. For instance, an agent could be specifically specialized to handle only deals concerning houses and apartments only. This kind of broker will not carry out effectively a deal involving a client who wants to purchase an automobile or a land. Therefore, they normally do...

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Economics Current Analysis

An online article on the New York Times explains the factors that have led to decline in the oil prices. One reason is an increase in oil production in the U.S. Like the U.S., other oil producers such as Russia, Canada, and Iraq have also been enjoying rising levels of...

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