In the twenty-first century, education comprises an important part of being able to adjust to the norms of the 21st century. Some people strive to become professionals in the certain areas, and the education serves as the tool to have a successful future. Yet, there is another part of the coin, comprising of the criticism that the education cannot fit the norms of the twenty-first century, as schools are too old-fashioned. Thus, there are certain traits that could change the attitude towards education these days. First and foremost, the education in the 21st century should be innovative and even step ahead before meeting certain professional criteria. The crucial role in adjusting to innovations will have to do college professors and administrators. College administration shall refer to marketing and design the syllabuses the way students will have better chances in the job market. Moreover, the schools that will appeal to innovations will be the top ones as they will step aside from the traditional college education.
These days, IT sector and web development are some of the most demanded jobs these days. As the 21st century was marked as the fastest developing century since the Industrial Revolution, therefore the requirements for new technology equipment are crucial these days.
While studying at college, one may note that there is always a group of students that expresses dissatisfaction with the traditional education. As a result, it appears that students are better informed and up-to-date with the demands of today’s society that professors who stay for years in academia. Then, a two-sided dilemma appears. The education in the 21st century will only become proper when both students and professors cooperate and meet the demands of today’s world trends. Otherwise, the traditional comprehension will remain, and colleges might lose their students.

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