The quote, “Education is the key to success” is a quote that we all have heard of. To me this is nothing short of truth and I am determined to go an extra mile to acquire an education. Having crossed borders from China to the United States, it is evident of my quest for achieving academic excellence and make a change to the society and the global community. I believe that I should pass this class as I have worked hard to earn it.

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My journey to achieve quality education has not been an easy one. I have been forced to work diligently to achieve my educational goals. First, English is my second language and coming to the States to pursue my education was very challenging. I had to adapt to the new principles of English language and social conventions of the Americans. To achieve this, I had to read through a lot of materials in sites dedicated to foreign students. I also sought help from the university community of foreign learners especially from China.
Achieving or keeping at par with the university standards was not easy either. I had to sacrifice a lot in order to achieve. I could read for extra hours, seek discussions with my professors who fortunately offered their support. I recall times that I would skip attending a friend’s party to meet with my professor. I was not disappointed in the end. I saw tremendous improvement in my studies. Although I have had a few ups and downs in this class, I can assure you that I have been very patient and hardworking.

Finally, I had to improve on my writing skills. In this class, writing skills are considered an integral part of the course. I had always known that I had my weaknesses in writing, but I did not despair. The university offered the support and resources for foreign students to improve on their writing skills. Among the essays I have written so far that portray my writing skills include three timed-essays, a position essay, a compare/contrast essay, and finally this reflective introduction essay. For sure, one cannot notice much difference between my writing skills from that of a native English speaker or writer. I may not be the judge and the jury, but from my own point of view, I have really improved my writing skills.

Ultimately, the experiences of studying abroad have not been without challenges. It has taken courage, patience, understanding and industriousness to get to this point. Improving my English language comprehension, my writing skills, seeking support from the university support and professors have worked miracles. With all the knowledge I have gained through studying in this university, am ready to step to the world a make a change in lives of others, not only back at home but world over. I believe that I should pass this class as I have worked hard to earn it.