A highly professional teacher workforce is an important basis for improving the educational results, specifically for those whose success depends largely on schools. But in the United States, there’s a shortage of employees in several careers in education, such as math and science teachers, as well as administrators. The shortages of teachers have been increasing across the country and reaching the significant proportions in the teaching fields and in places where the working conditions are poor or not that much attractive. There seem to be two solution strategies to resolve this problem.

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The first strategy can be implemented when the salaries of the teachers working in schools are raised by states, especially where the salaries are not competitive or do not match the average lifestyle. In order to reach it the states have to establish the salary minimums and incentives for certain accomplishments like National Board Certification. The districts can also provide the compensations for retention and reevaluate the salary structures.

The second strategy seems to be a little more complicated and would require more funding. The federal and state governments should attract the prospective teachers in those fields where they are most needed by providing the load forgiveness programs. Those programs must cover all or some part of tuition, direct teachers for the fields and schools where the shortages are evident and essential, recruit professional and committed teachers, and induce the teachers to teach with reasonable financial outcomes if they fail to fulfill their responsibilities.

Recruiting and retaining the good teachers is very important for the prospective generations to achieve success. The shortage of careers in education may become a significant loss in future, therefore a comprehensive set of policies have to be implemented to prevent the emerging shortage of teachers and to ensure that all children receive a perfect education from a competent and committed teacher.