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English in the United Arab Emirates

Despite being heavily reliant on its vast petroleum and gas reserves, the United Arab Emirates has spent the past three decades trying to achieve a more sustainable and diversified economy by creating logistics centers, forming strategic partnerships with other nations and investing in other industries. As the second largest economy...

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Educational Suggestions

Bexar County is home to some of the most unique and educational events and activities in Texas, but, unfortunately, many of these students are unable to take advantage of those events, attractions, and learning opportunities due to the high percentage of economically disadvantaged students, special education students, at risk students,...

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What’s Next for the Everything Store?

Jeff Bezos can easily be called one of America's most interesting characters. To the world, he is larger than life. To his employee's his pen can strike terror in the hearts of even the bravest. To his mother, he is the apple of her eye and to his biological father,...

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Registration Day Speech

Introduction We welcome all the new students and thank for choosing our institution as your preferred choice. We recognize the factor that a number of institutions offer similar courses and services, but you have shown interest in joining our worthy institution. Higher education learning is a sensitive area which requires...

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Running Record and Instructional Implications

During the experiment that was held in order to analyze the accuracy, comprehension, and fluency in reading, a 7-year old girl L.H. was asked to read a fiction and a nonfiction text. L.H. is in the first grade. The girl attends the Bilingual Bicultural School № M182 in East Harlem,...

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Personal Attitude Speech on Children’s Education

It could be said that a good education in our childhood years is very important, as it lays a strong foundation for the rest of our lives. Some people may think that when children are well educated from the onset, they are more likely to go onto college and have...

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Week Four: Discussion

At the onset of this project, looking for research articles involved a perspective that more is better. While it continues to be important to have enough of a broad range of resources from which to choose, the evaluation table allowed for a more clear understanding of quality over quality. Even...

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Early Childhood Issues

The 2014 Head Start Impact study, a follow-up of The Head Start Impact Study (HSIS) Final Report indicates some positive early childhood outcomes engendered by the Head Start (HS) Program even though only few impacts on children in Kindergarten through third grade (‘Head Start’, 2014). This signals a variety of...

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Social And Philosophical Foundations Of Education – Authentic Assessments

Abstract Educational assessment is essential to instructional accountability directly relating to learners’ meeting their academic goals. While assessment tools come in different varieties it is the application of authentic assessment techniques where the student engages in learner centered tasks, develops critical thinking, along with both formative and summative applications for...

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Educational Reform

The key success that stood out to me was undoubtedly the reforms set out in the “Every Child a Winner!” report and the subsequent Education Reform Act of 1993 in Massachusetts, as described in Reville (2015, pp. 185-202). These reforms led Massachusetts from mediocre levels of achievement to some of...

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Transition in Early Intervention

Early intervention is undoubtedly an important service for young people in need; however, equally important member(s) of the process are family members and care givers that are involved in said child’s life. This is never more evident than when a child is transitioning from Part C to Part B services....

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Education in Black America

Poverty is the leading factor in African American’s education gap when compared to other races. A staggering 7.7 million elementary and post-secondary school students attended high poverty schools in 2006-2007 (“African Americans and Education,” n.d.), with 33% of those students being African American. With a deficiency in resources crucial to...

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Education and Crime: An Inverse Relationship

The relationship between education and the community is a rather complex one. Most people agree that education is necessary in order for people to be productive citizens who contribute to the community’s welfare and growth. The larger the community, the more important it is for education to be an integral...

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Public Education

School Vouchers and Public EducationSchool choice and vouchers gained favor in the 1980s as marketers addressed concerns on American educational form policy (Chudgar, Adamson & Carnoy, 2007). Differing marketing ideals resulted in a debate between proponents of individual choice/ publically run educational system, equity, and public accountability. Market proponents’ support...

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Effects of Gender in Education

The influence of co-education is on a primary and secondary school level, and college attendance, and as to how this has been an advantage or disadvantage to the education system, or alternatively if there have been no ramifications at all, is debatable. Specific circumstances effect education such as socioeconomic, race,...

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Education Inequality and Society

Education stands as one of the bedrocks of society. Specifically, it is the force that provides society with the basis for its development, gives society a base of able workers, and allows for proper political participation. It has been noted by many strategists and analysts that in order for individuals...

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Contemporary Issues in Education

Education has long been a matter of heated debate. The world's greatest minds are continuously revolutionizing the methods to improve educational strategies, address numerous issues and challenges, and solve controversies. However, every time a seemingly flawless solution is found, a new issue arises, causing more problems and debate. Today, a...

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Which Is Better – Co-Educational Or Single-Sex Education?

There has been a longstanding debate about the appropriateness of either co-education or single-sex education. Naturally, each model has its pros and cons, while I personally prefer co-educational model. The position paper provides a comparative analysis of the benefits and drawbacks of both paradigms. General discussion Regardless of a student’s...

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Ethics and Diversity in Education

IntroductionIn this paper, I am going to discuss ethical and multicultural dilemmas, which care likely to be encountered in my field of specialization, which is early childhood education. Indeed, there are several issues pertinent to this field, which is encountered. However, I tend to perceive that challenges relating to language...

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Education Leadership: Personal Experience

Identifying Signifcant Issues/ProblemsAfter reviewing the TAPR I noted quite a few areas that need improvement and addressing. The primary issue is low test scores as a campus compared to the state level and district level. With common core standards being allocated, the school has to do a better job at...

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