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Educational Technology

Technology in Education

Technology has irrevocably impacted the 21st century education system. The digital age is, in fact, here to stay. For elementary and secondary-aged school children, the integration of technology into not only their homes, but their classrooms, has brought them great individual and collective benefits. Early introduction and interrogation of technology...

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Taking Notes By Hand Improves Comprehension For All Learning Styles

Today’s technology can be advantageous in the classroom. Laptops and tablets allow students to engage in enhanced class activities and demonstration. They can collaborate with other students during lectures and work together on papers and projects. A sea of computers in the classroom is common place in today’s college classes....

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Instructional Technology

With growing access to technology, many instructors are opting to make use of technology in order to sharpen their instruction delivery. Instruction delivery can take place in person, on the computer, or in combination, with different results. The use of technology can be used in order to attain specific goals...

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Technology Curriculum and Instruction

Technological advances have indeed enhanced life in the 21st century not only in the fields of engineering, medicine and business among many others but also in education where information technology (IT) is integrated into the instructional process and curriculum. The associated outcomes include flexible, purposeful and creative computer use and...

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Distance Vs. Traditional Education

Distance education, also known as online education, has increased in popularity over the past ten years. Most prestigious universities and colleges offer online courses to students. However, the traditional classroom environment is still in operation, in-person education where one can interact with students and teachers, preferred by some individuals. With...

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