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Educational Technology

Digital Pedagogy

Digital pedagogy is the use of electronic technology to improve or change classroom learning (Howell, 2012). Examples of new technologies that have impacted the learning environment are electronic tablets with touch screens, podcasts, video-learning, PowerPoint, and computer workstations with internet access. Digital pedagogy is growing with importance in our society...

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Customized Tutoring Services

For my entrepreneur report, I interviewed a middle-aged woman, Jane, who has owned her own tutoring business since 1993. Jane is married with two teenaged children, and she has worked in the field of education since graduating from college in 1988. From 1988 to 1993, Jane worked in the public...

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Brain Based and Traditional Learning

The integrated essay explores the similarities and differences between brain-based and more traditional approaches to human learning. The analysis examines the strengths and the weaknesses of each approach based on relevant evidence. Based on observations of brain-based learning and its implications in both formal and informal settings, the paper provides...

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Science Teachers’ Pedagogical Discontentment: Its Sources and Potential for Change

This paper presents review of the study report titled “Science Teachers’ Pedagogical Discontentment: Its Sources and Potential for Change” by Southerland, Sowell, and Enderle (2011). In the introduction, the authors state that pedagogical discontent is necessary if reforms in science teaching are to be made. Pedagogical discontent occurs when the...

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Education Strategies

A highly professional teacher workforce is an important basis for improving the educational results, specifically for those whose success depends largely on schools. But in the United States, there's a shortage of employees in several careers in education, such as math and science teachers, as well as administrators. The shortages...

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