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Educational Technology

White Educators and the River of Change

Source: Howard, G.R. (2006). White educators and the river of change. We can’t teach what we don’t know: white teachers, multiracial schools (pp. 69-86). New York: Teachers College Press Purpose: The purpose of Howard’s 2006 article, “White Educators and the River of Change” was to encourage white teachers to view...

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Technology in the Classroom Essay

The standard classroom format mostly remained unchanged for centuries before the arrival of digital technologies in our classrooms over the last few decades. When our parents and grandparents attended schools and colleges, the instructors usually relied upon a blackboard, chalks, and textbooks to conduct daily class sessions. While these ancient...

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The Successful Implementation of Educational Technology

There are many different issues that may occur that will impact the successful implementation of educational technology within an organization, including the ease in which the technology may be setup, and the ease of use of the technologies themselves. In order for the implementation of educational technology to be successful...

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Institutional Portfolios

Technology has revolutionized the way in which educational institutions report student learning outcomes (Ketcheson, 2011). An institutional portfolio is a compilation of evidence that shows whether or not the institution’s missions, outcomes and other objectives are being executed. It is proof if the objectives are working or not. These objectives...

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For the larger paper that I will write, I chose Essay Prompt #1, concerning online companies, their collection of personal information, and the huge potential for the abuse of such information. I chose this topic because it is directly related to a research topic I am interested in pursuing for...

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