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Educational Technology

Creative Destruction, Technology And Education

Work remains an important element in the achievement of income necessary for achievement of economic independence as well as social mobility, among other benefits; which have been largely enabled by capitalism. This is an economic system where factors of production are largely owned by private owners or enterprises and focused...

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Assistive Technology Reading and Writing

Special accommodations for students in the classroom setting are critical in achieving their maximum potential and in supporting their continuous growth and development. Students must benefit from these accommodations and teachers must adapt effectively to their needs by utilizing tools and devices as part of the classroom experience. If teachers...

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Algebra and Technology in Practice

Technology has been beneficial to the field of education in numerous ways. Algebra Curricula can be complex given the learning objectives for each grade level and the expectations of learning, especially with the new Common Core Standards. Researchers believe using technology to help with algebra curriculum can greatly improve learning...

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The Negative Effects of Technology on Children

In today’s society technology is evolving and providing users with even more methods to entertain and simplify their lives. With children owning cellphones, game systems, televisions and many other forms of technology, there has become growing concerns regarding the negative effect on children. Both sides of the arguments will be...

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Education And Technology

The world has been subjected to various technological innovations and advancements lately. The same innovations and advancements have been redirected to the education sector to improve the efficiency of delivering educational services to the learners. However, there are various adverse effects of technology that have interfered with the traditional education...

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