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Educational Technology

Technology Lesson Plan

Technology has become a vital fragment of our daily lives. A lot of the human activities, we do now have been computerized or apply some form of technology to make them more efficient. The introduction of technology in English language learning is far overdue. Given that English is among the...

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Children and Technology

Technology is an integral part our lives and there is no way we can avoid it since communication, paying of bills, and transport system adopts the use of current technology. In communication, we send mails, chat on social media, and manage our love lives using technology. Since we rely on...

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Impact of Technology In Education

The current trends that are currently occurring in education are that technology has been incorporated. Use of games also called gaming is used to teach children. Children are also helped to form emotional intelligence using technology. Technology is also used to help special education children gain emotional intelligence; certain apps...

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Techonology and Mathematics Score In US Schools

A widespread belief is that top students in the US fare well as compared to their peers from other parts of the world (Barshay, 2013). As the US makes positive strides to regain its economic footing in the world, there is an increasing drumbeat to improve its performance score in...

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