Promotion can be referred to as a way of marketing or advertising a product. In effective promotion, different mediums are involved. One must consider to use a medium that will comply to targets and goals set. Promoting a product, one must look at the sales promotion method to be used, the public relation the medium has, the selling rate of the product and how it should be advertised. In the promotion process, the market should be identified, objectives set, budget for the promotion be prepared and a clear message about the product be developed. A plan on how implementation of this process will be done is then made as well as evaluation of the whole process.

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The internet and the radio are effective mediums to use in an effective promotion. They both consider market targets in different places. Most people in reserve areas have radios and sometimes walk with them. Therefore, if a promotion is put on radio a good number of people staying in upcountry will receive information about a product. They will purchase the product where it is made available since they have knowledge about it. Also, many offices have been installed with internet. A good number of people spend time on internet browsing using their phones, cyber cafes or laptops. When an advert about a product is put on the advertisements ads, it becomes easier for one to see, know and learn about a product.

The person will make a move of purchasing the product. Magazines and newspapers seem to be ineffective. This is because a few number of people access them. For instance, it is very rare for a student to buy a newspaper or a magazine because the student can use the internet to acquire information updates. Moreover, people have switched to digital life where they consider internet as a source of information.