Social media have been lately regarded as a major threat to society as a whole and families in particular. Nevertheless, the effects of social media are not only limited with negative issues, and do add some positive sides and effects also.
Psychologists suggest that in most cases social media have negative connotation and are poorly regarded by people concerned for their family and relations. Social media are frequently referred to as a modern reason for families being broken down, as they prevent people from focusing on their relationships, lead to increased food and drinks consumption that result in obesity or weight problems, and are frequently indicated as the key factor for decreased level of interpersonal communication.

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Families are robbed of each other’s attention, and thus people do not feel safe or welcomed at home anymore. With the decreased level of communication, parents and their children do not have enough information and details on the events that happen in their professional and everyday lives. Social media are often referred to by kids as a possibility for their parents to get away from real world and actual problems. Thus, kids are exposed to lack of communication problem that might lead them into the streets.

Parents also refer social media from the negative side, as their children only seek communication with their online friends and society. They do not need real face-o-face communication with peers or family, as they have a chance to pose themselves as someone better, and no one could tell otherwise.

Overall, social media also bring positive changes. They allows families in different geographic locations (states, countries, etc.) keep connected and communicate with each other. They also ensure keeping track of records, locations, schedules and are helpful for immediate contact with those in need, for example, for family video counselling.