The U.S Presidency may be the highest public office in the land but ultimately it is a job though with huge responsibilities. I voted for Hillary Clinton because she was the most qualified of all the candidates including the third party candidates such as Gary Johnson and Jill Stein. As a former First Lady, she had the opportunity to observe the complexities of the presidency firsthand. Later she served as a US Senator from NY as well as Secretary of State.

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I also chosen Hillary because she had developed a reputation for being extremely hard working and committed to her job. She might have become a controversial figure due to the email server case even though the issue was also exaggerated by her political opponents, she was extremely popular during her tenures as a Senator and U.S. Secretary of State.

Even though I believe Hillary’s experiences and qualifications alone made her the best candidate, the shortcomings of her opponent only strengthened her case. Donald Trump has never served in the military and has never had any political experience. In addition, his temperament is unfit for the position of Presidency that requires the candidate to be extremely patient and thick-skinned. President Obama has faced almost every imaginable insult yet he has remained poised and calm because he understands the President is a role model for the citizens.

I also voted for Hillary because her election would have advanced the social progress in America. Her election would have sent a powerful message to the women that there is nothing they cannot achieve if one of their own has broken through the hardest glass ceiling in the country. America always moves forward even if it may suffer setbacks at times but it is also reasonable to argue progress towards equal rights for women has taken a hit in the current Presidential Election.