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Activating the Popular Will

The essence of the American culture is what may contribute to the poor interest of young people in politics. Here, the matter is that the focus is made on individualism rather than collectivism. It means that people do not rely on the state to help them cope with their problems...

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The Fifth Challenge: Elections without the People’s Voice

The present text elucidates the flaws of the American election system. According to its author, there are three major criteria that determine the democratic value of elections: they are supposed to ensure equal representation of all citizens, the deliberation about public policy issues, and the control over the government’s actions....

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The Election of 1876

The election of 1876, and the subsequent compromise of 1877, in which Rutherford B. Hayes was inaugurated as president despite having failed to win the popular vote, and which Democrat politicians launched a legal campaign to prevent his election, is often viewed as a key moment in 19th century US...

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Political Cartoon Analysis

Presidential elections have historically been a prime target for political cartoonists. In discussing the 2012 Presidential elections, for example, Joan Conners discusses “the relevance of examining political cartoons as part of the national media narrative on elections” (Conners 1145). With national opinion violently divided about the recent 2016 Presidential elections,...

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Political Cartoon

Elections are situations in which national emotions run high, and in which the personalities of candidates come under extremely close scrutiny; as a result they are traditionally popular subjects for political cartoons, allowing artists to engage with popular debates and political commentary. My political cartoon draws on this tradition by...

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Should Voting Be Mandatory Essay

Introduction The notion of compulsory voting dates back to as early as 6th century, which called on all citizens to be supportive of either sized during times of civil strife and went as far as imposing finches on the popular assembly or council members who failed to participate in meetings....

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Midterm Elections

November 4th 2014 will kick off a very important exercise in the United States, the Midterm elections. Every two years before the presidential elections that are held quadrennial, Americans go for general elections, which is at the midpoint of the full four year term of presidential elections. Midterm elections as...

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Trump V. Clinton: Words Versus Experience

One of the most famous lines of Dr. House in House M.D. is “Everybody lies.” House’s statement is particularly true of politicians who have such a reputation for dishonesty that lying is almost expected of them. Because of this, it is better to judge candidates on their behavior and experience,...

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Election Vote

The U.S Presidency may be the highest public office in the land but ultimately it is a job though with huge responsibilities. I voted for Hillary Clinton because she was the most qualified of all the candidates including the third party candidates such as Gary Johnson and Jill Stein. As...

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Elections and Voter Turnout Worksheet

1. Who were the candidates (identify by names) for governor in your state (identify your state) during the last general election (include full date)? Identify their political party affiliation. Who won the election? A: The five candidates for the general election held on November 4, 2014, for governor in the...

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Post Election Issue

America is a country of social justice and also has a rich tradition of immigration. The lure of American Dream is so strong that the country is home to estimated 11 million immigrants most of whom arrived in the country before 2004, according to an article in The Economist. The...

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Importance Of Voting Essay

Interest groups can impact election outcomes in many ways, for their interest is to affect political change per the agenda of their organization. These groups achieve their political objectives through funding and participating in campaigns, these groups lobby the government, and they educate the public. Through these three avenues, interest...

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Electoral Versus Popular Vote: Criticisms of the Electoral College

The Electoral Vote comes from what is known as the Electoral College. The Electoral College was created so that bigger states with more people would not have more of say in who becomes the American president versus states with less people. Historically, some people were not able to travel to...

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The German Elections and the Fate of Europe; populism, moderation or Triumph of the Extremes?

The results of the German elections seemed to cut the trend of surprising political situations that had led to the rise of populist ideas. However, a closer view of the results shows that they are not so different from the shock that the election of Donald Trump and the Brexit...

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Provisions, Efficacy, and Impact of the Voting Rights and Immigration & Nationality Acts of 1965

Emerging at the conclusion of the so-called classical era of the Civil Rights Movement, the Voting Rights and Immigration & Nationality Acts of 1965 extended significant rights and protections to racial minorities in the United States. The Voting Rights Act of 1965 enforces the rights of suffrage guaranteed in the...

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History of Elections in Texas

Throughout its colorful history, Texas has  been a melting pot of people that originate from a wide range of nations, ethnic groups, and with different racial backgrounds. The result has been that there has been tremendous diversity throughout its history, which would ideally establish a tolerant and welcoming environment where...

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Voting Registration Process in Texas

To be eligible to vote in Texas, one must be a United States citizen; a resident of the Texas county where the application is made; at least eighteen years of age on Election Day; not convicted of a felony (with additional circumstances); and, not be mentally incapacitated as determined by...

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Communication Policy Response Regarding the 2016 Election Meddling

As the CEO of Facebook, I want to assure all of our shareholders that the company is taking the Russian meddling during the 2016 election very seriously. We acknowledge that the members of the Senate have expressed legitimate concerns about the way we dealt with the possibility of Russian election...

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Supreme Court and Elections

The Supreme Court has tackled numerous election related issue in the past twenty years, including its take on seminal issues such as the counting of ballots and pre-election campaign funding for individual candidates. The 2000 decision in Bush v. Gore, 531 U.S. 98 (2000), resulted in resolution of the dispute...

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Making the Majority Bigger

Undeniably, many United States citizens cite the right for every citizen to vote as one of the most important and special things about living in the United States. That being said, it is often surprising that there are still people who do not vote. In fact, there are many political...

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