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Activating the Popular Will

The essence of the American culture is what may contribute to the poor interest of young people in politics. Here, the matter is that the focus is made on individualism rather than collectivism. It means that people do not rely on the state to help them cope with their problems...

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The Fifth Challenge: Elections without the People’s Voice

The present text elucidates the flaws of the American election system. According to its author, there are three major criteria that determine the democratic value of elections: they are supposed to ensure equal representation of all citizens, the deliberation about public policy issues, and the control over the government’s actions....

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The Election of 1876

The election of 1876, and the subsequent compromise of 1877, in which Rutherford B. Hayes was inaugurated as president despite having failed to win the popular vote, and which Democrat politicians launched a legal campaign to prevent his election, is often viewed as a key moment in 19th century US...

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Political Cartoon

Elections are situations in which national emotions run high, and in which the personalities of candidates come under extremely close scrutiny; as a result they are traditionally popular subjects for political cartoons, allowing artists to engage with popular debates and political commentary. My political cartoon draws on this tradition by...

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Political Cartoon Analysis

Presidential elections have historically been a prime target for political cartoonists. In discussing the 2012 Presidential elections, for example, Joan Conners discusses “the relevance of examining political cartoons as part of the national media narrative on elections” (Conners 1145). With national opinion violently divided about the recent 2016 Presidential elections,...

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