Constant Contact
Constant Contact was founded by “Roving Software” in 1995 in Brookline, Massachusetts. At that time, emails were usually friendly communication online with acquaintances and family members. The founders began using it as a marketing tool to help small businesses gain exposure and ground with the larger companies. They grew to over 50,000 customers by the year 2005. It was at that time they introduced a second product and went public.

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The company in 2014 added educational programs such as seminars and training workshops on best practices with online marketing in the Great Lakes Region, which covers Michigan, Ohio, and Kentucky. Constant Contact has a no tolerance spam policy (The tools. The people. The drive to help small business do more business., 2014). Any customer caught using Constant Contact for spam is immediately deleted from using their product.

iContact, another email marketing company, has been in business since 2003 working with small and medium size businesses. This company has email templates available to assist with marketing designs and creative tools for message building. They have a team of delivery specialist that work with their clients as well as a Spam Check.

iContact’s auto responders, which are a series of messages that can be sent automatically as the client’s customers reach different points in the program. iContact has a no tolerance spam policy, and they state a customer’s account can be terminated if they send unsolicited email messages (Email Marketing Solutions, 2014).

Interspire is a privately owned company that develops content management, shopping cart, knowledge management, and email marketing software with many fortune 500 companies (Turn more leads into buyers, 2014). The company started in 1999; incorporated in 2003. It has more than 20,000 companies, and its products come with free updates.
Interspire offers an “all-in-one” email marketing software with a tool to follow up with customers and get feedback. This software can automate the list management, optimize email click through rates, keep the lists clean and up to day, and solicit and track feedback ((Turn more leads into buyers, 2014). Interspire does not partner with or have any type of relationship with any ad server companies, nor do they use cookies on any of their web sites to store login details.

MailChimp has a client base of over seven million people that create, send, and track email newsletters. It started as a side project in 2001, and was funded by various web-development jobs (Chestnut, 2014). MailChimp comes with a spam-filter checker and allows a business to send automated emails based on the customer’s behavior and preferences.

MailChimp offers advanced reporting options that you can access from anywhere to monitor sales and web activity. It also allows a customer to take advantage of Google Analytics for reporting. Their collaboration options help speed up the design process to fit into the company’s workflow. A customer can access their account from their phone to check reports, add notes, or send a campaign. MailChimp integrates with hundreds of apps and services such as Eventbrite, Google, Twitter, Facebook, Shopify, and Survey Monkey.

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