While I am an undecided major, it is Emerson College’s specific focus on communication and the arts that attracted me to the school and formulate the foundation for my application. One thing I have learned through my education and experience is the integral role communication plays in every sphere of our lives, whether business, academic or government, there will always be a need for effective communications specialists. I am confident that Emerson College, can and will, through its programs and focus prepare me to be an outstanding communications specialist within the field of my choosing.
Moreover, the breadth and depth of Emerson’s programs form a concomitant reason for my interest in matriculating here. In addition to its core focus on communications and the arts, I noted, with interest, that Emerson offers a special Entrepreneurial (E3) Studies program, which affords its students the opportunity to combine their interest in communication and the arts with the business education necessary to build their own company.

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My long term professional vision includes serial entrepreneurship or building successful companies. Minoring in Entrepreneurial Studies would not only prepare me to fulfill this part of my overall vision, but it would also add gravitas to my education and provide me with a unique opportunity to stand out among my peers. There are few schools in America which offer this combination of theoretical communications classes alongside the immersion in the world of entrepreneurial ventures. Accordingly, this differentiation is a key factor in why I am attracted to Emerson College and its programs.

My interest in communications, and more specifically corporate communications, stems from my volunteer work with victims of domestic violence. One of the key functions of any charity organization is effective fund-raising and clear, consistent communication is an integral component of such fundraising. As part of my role as a volunteer, I have been called upon to assist with the organization’s fundraising efforts and in doing so, I noticed that we were not fund-raising to the height of our potential. This failure caused me to re-evaluate our methods and suggest new ways to strategically market ourselves to maximize the corporate and community dollars we would be able to raise. Part of this involved a direct outreach campaign to local businesses and required an appeal to their humanitarian side to entice them to contribute. It required tying the humanity of the women and children side-lined by the effects of abuse to the women and children personal to them. We have seen an incremental increase through these methods and this awakened in me a desire to learn more about communications, especially corporate communications. Although corporate communications is typically tied to traditionally corporate organizations, I saw that some of the techniques and strategies could also be applied within the context of non-profits, which is important to me.

It is my long-term goal to work as a communications specialist for a traditional company or organization, but I hope to put the skills I develop through my education to use within the non-profit sector as well.