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Leadership Traits

As a leader, an individual should be have the skill of controlling one’s feelings, as well as that of others. Besides, emotional intelligence (EI) is the capability to manage emotions and guide other people’s ways of thinking and behavior. EI is one of the essential aspects in health care settings,...

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Article Review on The EQ Factor

The article reviewed was The EQ Factor by Nancy Gibbs. The article was published in Time Magazine in 2001. This is a fascinating article that discusses an area of intelligence that has recently received increased attention. While for most of the Twentieth Century, a person’s IQ was considered an important...

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Assessment and Selection

A term coined by two researchers Peter Salovey and John Mayer, Emotional Intelligence refers to the ability of one to recognize, understand own emotions as well as understanding and influencing that of others (Campion et al., 2011). Strong emotional intelligence skills are required today because they enable an employee to...

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The Value of Doubt

It seems that a true and deep acceptance of being ignorant may be the most valuable awareness any human being may have, and because the converse goes to so many potentials of wrongdoing. Throughout human history it is clear that absolute certainty often leads to unethical behaviors or even violent...

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Cognitive and Socioemotional Development

In this case study we will examine cognitive and socioemotional development of Jayla, a 22-year old newly graduate student. In addition, we will analyze the progress of her development and modification of her religious views and perceptions from the perspective of Perry's theory of Forms of Intellectual and Ethical Development...

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