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Emotional Dependence On The Opinions Of Others

Personal development relies on maturity, broadening of the mind and continuing knowledge and social understanding as well as many other key life facets. This paper will effectively argue that emotional dependence on the opinions of others is a hindrance to personal development and ultimately, the ability of individuals to grow...

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Stupidity v Ignorance

In comparing the states of being of stupidity and ignorance, a variety of factors come into play that affect situations of these conditions differently. Nonetheless, ignorance and stupidity are essentially states of unawareness, or “unknowing.” This is what they both represent. However, and as will be seen, ignorance is better...

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Granting Forgiveness

Learning how to forgive others when they have caused hurt, sadness, or pain, is perhaps one of the most valuable skills one can learn in their lifetime. On the other side, many may believe that, by forgiving, they are letting their perpetrator ‘win,’ or gain control over their emotions and...

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Response to Daniel Siegel’s Brainstorm

Daniel Siegel in his book, Brainstorm - The Power and Purpose of the Teenage Brain explores, the mind and behaviors of a person during his or her adolescence. In his book, he explains a number of concept among which I feel will influence my life in terms of behavior, life...

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Considerations Of Emotional Intelligence (EI) In Dealing With Change Decision Management

The article seeks to demonstrate how the utilization of Emotional Intelligence (EI) is advocated as a way of evaluating ways in which a firm can increase staff performance and output. Besides, it focuses on developing a more effective human resource approach to managing organizational change. According to the author, organizations...

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